12 Things That Are About 200 Feet (ft) Long

Measurements on lengths and heights are a peculiar and interesting subject to read on. You get to be more conscious about the varying sizes of objects out here in this vast world.

So, if your interest is in the peculiar, then you’ll find this stretched-out list of things that are 200 feet long impressive/compelling.

Take a look.

1. The world’s deepest pool

In July 2021, Dubai opened Deep Dive Dubai, which goes nearly 200 feet underwater.

The Guinness World Record keeper for the deepest pool in the world is a paradise playground for scuba diving, holding about 14 million liters of water.

That is comparable to about six Olympic-sized swimming pools. It has also attracted famous people like the Crown Prince of Dubai and Will Smith.

2. 200 feet snakes

In a world of horror and mysteries, enormously long snakes feature at the top. A photo was allegedly taken from 500 feet by a Belgian military pilot flying over the Congo.

Through his high-definition lens, he captured a 200 feet long snake. There have also been many reports and alleged fossil dig ups of these terrifying creatures of abnormal proportions in the country’s city Kamina.

3. Long trucks

Did you know that India’s longest truck measures 200 feet? These trucks are used for special purposes, such as transporting heavy and essential items throughout the country, both day and night.

To operate such a high-risk, exceptionally long vehicle requires a very skilled and dedicated driver.

4. Glass-bottomed pool

Look, up in the sky...

In 2020, a new building in Vancouver, Canada, with a magnificent glass-bottomed pool, was officially opened. The company’s owner wanted to make even greater architectural statements with his ARC Vancouver property.

So, the 200 feet high and 38 feet across the pool was built 20 floors above traffic (20 feet is the same as a 20 story building).

It’s a perfect nightmare for someone scared of both heights and swimming.

5. Douglas fir and other aging trees

In Victoria, Columbia, the largest recorded Douglas fir tree grew to 73 meters, about 239 feet.

Moreover, those who do professional tree work, such as climbing and topping, sometimes have to work at magnificent heights with old trees that are 200+ feet high.

Cutting trees into sections while that high up is very dangerous, and it takes lots of strength and guts to do the job well.

6. Snake kites

Sri Lanka is one exotic destination where you will find a cluster of kite surfing resorts. These resorts offer teaching and training classes.

Sri Lankan kites come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. The smallest kite is about half a foot, whereas one of the largest is 200 feet long.

Now, the legendary snake kite is just one of the many shapes to choose from in a kite. It resembles a large, boldly-colored, slithering snake high in the skies.

7. 200 feet zipline

If you’re wondering what ziplining feels like, it’s pretty awesome.

A 200 feet long zipline isn’t as long as the other popular type of ziplines, though.

Some zip lines are as short as 100 feet, while others are 7,260 feet long, like the Volo Dell’ Angelo Zipline.

8. 200 feet long river

The Roe River at Giant Springs State Park in USA’s Great Falls, Montana, is the shortest in the world. At its longest point, this river is only 201 feet in length.

The Park also stays cold and unchanging all year at a temperature of 54 degrees. This record short river is also next to one of the world’s longest rivers in the country, the Missouri River.

9. 70 Big Adult Steps

200 feet for adults is about 70 big steps. For children, however, it’s 120 steps.

Now, if you’re an outdoor camping and hiking enthusiast, this life hack will reduce your chances of contaminating water sources and keep intrusive critters away from your site.

That is, to walk at a distance of 200 feet from where you’re pitching a tent, washing dishes, or going to the bathroom.

10. Depth of The Great Drainage Canal


A drainage canal on the valley of Mexico has been a favorite tourist attraction since long back.

The canal of Nochistongo was built in 1607, completed in 1789, and was 200 feet deep. It was also 11 miles long and at least 300 feet wide.

11. The Neck Canal

Here is another canal that was 200 feet long, three feet deep, and 20 feet wide. The Neck Canal was dug in 1730 at New York’s Oneida County.

This historic place was harrowed to improve navigation along the Mohawk River.

12. Two blue whales

Here’s a not-so-little fun fact to end the list.

Did you know that the majestically large blue whale is about 100 feet long?

So, if you put two whales together, their total length would be 200 feet long.


There you have it, a list of impressive facts on objects that are 200 feet long. Do you happen to know more items that are in the same category?