12 Things That Are About 25 Feet (ft) Long

We know that 25 feet measure the same as 300 inches. What then is 300 inches?

It’s still kind of hard to determine without some quantifying items to compare it to.

This post will help you to see how long 25 feet is. Here are 12 things that are 25 feet long:

1. Garden Hose

Garden hoses come in multiple lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet and 100-feet long. The shortest length, 25-feet, is exactly the length we’re examining today.

Garden hoses have four primary sizes you find in most stores: ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, and ¾”. These dimensions are important to know to fit your outdoor faucet or spigot.

2. Extension Cord

Similar to garden hoses, extension cords also come in variable lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet lengths.

When using an extension cord, it’s important to use the proper length for what you need. If you undersize one, you could easily start a fire or ruin an expensive tool. 

3. 4 Refrigerators

Although refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, most standard-size refrigerators in many households are six feet tall.

That’s ¼ the size of 25 feet. So, if you can picture four standard-sized refrigerators on top of each other, you’ll have 25 feet. 

4. 4 Folding Tables

Folding tables are commonly used at large events or where extra seating is needed. They normally have folding legs.

The most common size for these types of tables is six feet. Place four of these tables side by side with the legs out, and you have just under 25-feet of tables.

5. 5 Park Benches

Similar to the folding tables above, a park bench will normally be around five feet long. So, if you are looking to picture something that is 25 feet long, imagine five park benches placed side by side.

6. 4 Adults

An average height person, especially a male, is about 5’9” (1740mm) or just under six feet. If four adult males were to stand on the shoulder of each other, they would stand about 25 feet tall.

Other standard lengths for the average adult male are eye height (1630mm), shoulder height (1425mm), elbow height (1090mm), and hand height (755mm).

7. 2-Car Garage

A medium-sized two-car garage has the dimensions of 20 feet wide x 24 feet long, which is only one foot short of 25 feet. Take notice of the two-car garages in your neighborhood, and you have about 25-feet. 

8. 4 Car Widths

The average width of a car is six to six and a half feet. Park four cars side by side, and you’ll have 25-feet across.

A standard width measurement on a car would be across the rooftop from the front driver side over to the same point on the front passenger side of the vehicle.

The length of a car is measured from the front bumper to the back bumper by using some type of measuring tool, such as measuring tape. The length of the average midsize car is approximately 15.5 to 16 feet long.

9. Half a Semi-Truck Trailer

Most trailers that are hauled by semi-trucks will be 53 feet long. In North America, the standard lengths of semi-trailers are 28ft to 53ft.

That would make a short semi-trailer just a little over 25 feet in length and the longest a little over half the length of 25 feet.

10. 2 – 2 ½ Alligators

A fully grown adult alligator will vary in length from 10 to 14 feet long. The average adult size for a female is 8.2 feet, and the average size for a male is 11.2 feet.

Depending on the gender of the alligator, two to two and a half alligators can be 25 feet long. Exceptionally large males can reach a weight of nearly half a ton or 1,000 pounds.

11. 4 Full-Size or Twin Mattresses

There are six standard mattress sizes: twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king, and California king.

Both a twin mattress and a full-size mattress measure 75 inches or 6.250 feet from head to foot. The length of four full-size mattresses and/or twin mattresses is 25 feet long.

12. 2 African Elephants

From the shoulder to the toe, the average African elephant stands about 8.2 to 13 feet tall.

Measured from the tip of the trunk to the end of the tail, the African elephant is about 23 to 29 feet long. Two large African elephants on top of one another are about 25 feet tall.