16 Things That Are About 3000 Feet (ft) Long

Things that are 3000 feet long are mostly buildings, falls, and mountains.

It’s usually difficult to guess the length of towers and mountains, especially if they are far above the clouds.

Here we have provided a list of things that are at least 3000 feet to help you out.

1. The Navy Pier

Previously known as the Municipal Pier #2, the Navy Pier is 3000 feet. It was named the Navy Pier in 1927 during World War I in honor of Naval individuals.

It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest tourist attractions in Chicago.

2. The Three Sisters Fall

The three sister’s falls are named after the three large tiers over which the falls flow.

They rise to 3000 feet long and are one of the premier Southern California waterfalls when it’s flowing. 

The Three Sisters Fall is a great hiking place for rock and nature trail lovers.

3. Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is located in the Drakensberg and is 3110 feet. They have been accepted as among the World’s tallest waterfalls. In Africa, it’s the highest waterfall. 

4. Angel falls

Angel Falls are 3210 feet in height. They were first publicized by Jimmie Angel out of Venezuela and hence the name Angel Falls.

His monoplane was damaged on the falls, and he had been forced to leave it behind. This monoplane was removed 33 years later. 

5. King Peak

King Peak has a prominence of 3520 feet. It’s located in the Yukon region, and its mountain range is the Saint Elias Mountains.

King Peak is the fourth-highest mountain in Canada, with a mountain range of 16,972 feet.

6. Gocta Falls

Gocta falls are 2530 feet in height. It’s a waterfall found in the Cocahuayo River but is 138000 feet from the major city of Chachapoyas.

The rest of the World had not discovered this waterfall until it was documented in 2005 by a German economist. 

7. Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower, previously known as Kingdom Tower, is a construction project currently on hold.

It’s in Saudi Arabia, and it’s planned to become the World’s first 3281 feet high building. It will become a centerpiece and a tourist attraction as Jeddah Economic City. 

8. Azerbaijan Tower

The Azerbaijan Tower is a skyscraper found in Azerbaijan, Baku. Its 3440 feet in height (1050 km), and it was proposed in 2012. It’s usually used for commercial, retail, and leisure real estate purposes. 

9. Murjan Tower

Proposed in 2006, Murjan Tower was designed by Henning Larsens Tegnestue.

It’s 3350 feet tall, and it’s a skyscraper used for residential commercial and retail real estate. It’s located in Bahrain, Manama. 

10. Burj Mubarak al-Kabir 

Burj Mubarak al-Kabir is 3280 feet tall. It was proposed in 2007, and it’s located in Kuwait, Madinat al-Harper.

This skyscraper is used for retail real estate, commercial and residential use. The 234 floors tower can hold up to 7000 people.

11. Green Float

This Arcology is 3281 feet tall and has a lot of mixed uses. It’s located in Japan, Tokyo.

It’s capable of housing 40000 people which is large enough to house the whole population of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

12. Sky City

The Sky City is 3300 feet high, whose structure type is Arcology. Its main purposes are residential, commercial, retail and leisure real estate.

It’s located in Japan, Tokyo, and was the first modern super-tall megastructure to attract the attention and consideration of the government. 

13. Oblisco Capitale, Buenos Aires Forum and Europa Tower 

These three towers are 3300 feet up high. Buenos Aires Forum is used for various purposes and was proposed in 2009. It will be located in Argentina, Buenos Aires, but its construction is yet to begin. 

Europa Tower was proposed in 1993 and is located in Belgium, Brussels. It’s a skyscraper which is used as offices, for observation, and as a restaurant. 

Obelisco Capitale has mixed uses and is located in Egypt, New Administrative Capital. It was proposed in 2018in Cairo, Egypt. 

14. McArthur Peak

McArthur Peak has a prominence of 3150 feet up high. It is located in the Saint Elias Mountains in Yukon. However, its elevation is 14,370 feet. 

15. University Peak

University Peak is in the Sierra Nevada, which is named for the University of California.

It’s located in Alaska in Saint Elias Mountain. Its prominence is 3210 feet in height but has 14,440 feet of elevation. 

16. Mountain Lincoln

Mountain Lincoln has a prominence of 3862 feet high. It’s located in Colorado and has an elevation of 14293 feet. 


3000 feet is a very high height on the earth. Most of the things that are this high are building towers or falls