13 Things That Are About 380 Feet (ft) Long

380 feet is equivalent to 115 meters or 126 yards. Numerous structures, machinery, and equipment have lengths that reach 380 feet.

Unless your hobby is calculating lengths, then you might not know them. However, football and soccer fans can relate to these lengths because being a sports fan means understanding field dimensions.

Apart from fields, other things measure 380 feet that you might be interested to know. Here are some of the gigantic things around you that measure 380 feet long.

1. Soccer pitch

A standard soccer field measures around 327 feet meters long and 196 feet wide. The length can span up to 380 feet to provide space for the goalposts and the linesmen.

However, FIFA, the official governing body for soccer, sets recommendations for the maximum and minimum lengths for professional soccer. All clubs are requested to mark their soccer pitches according to the set standards.

2. American football pitch

American football is played on a rectangular pitch and measures approximately 380 feet from end to end.

The actual playing field measures 298.5 feet long, and the width of the entire pitch is 157 feet. The NFL hash marks on the pitch measure only 16 feet.

3. Rugby pitch

Rugby is similar to American football, but there are subtle differences, including rules and pitch size.

The actual rugby playing field should be 328 feet long and 229 feet wide. However, the entire pitch can stretch more than 380 feet to the perimeter.

4. A Riverboat

A Riverboat should not be confused with ferries.

While ferries transport people crossing a river, riverboats carry people along the river’s course. As a result, these boats are generally more cost-effective than other water transport systems for both people and cargo.

A typical riverboat can span around 380 feet in length, with some being longer than 460 feet.

5. Pelorus mega yacht

Pelorus på Halvkakssundet utanför Stockholm i Sverige, 2008.
CC BY 3.0, Länk

Naval architects have specific size references for yachts, especially superyachts and mega yachts.

A mega yacht is any yacht longer than 200 feet. These yachts are reserved for the super rich who fancy bespoke vessels. The Pelorus is one of the famous mega yachts and measures approximately 380 feet long.

The vessel was commissioned by Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh and was built in Germany. Over the years, it has changed ownership, and now it belongs to Chinese billionaire Samuel Tak Lee.

6. An overpass

An overpass is either a road, bridge, railway, or other structure crossing over another railway or road. Overpass sizes may vary depending on the interchanges, width of the road, and the number of railway lines passing below.

A sizable overpass is around 380 feet, especially over highways. These structures are built either from steel, concrete depending on the intended purposes.

7. A tunnel

Tunnels are built through hills to connect two cities or towns by a road or railway network. There is no limit to how long or wide a tunnel should be.

Tunnels passing through smaller hills can measure anywhere around 380 feet long. If you are curious to know the longest tunnel globally, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is 57 kilometers long at a depth of 7,545 feet.

8. Heavy-duty conveyor belt

Conveyor belts can be used for various purposes but mainly for industrial purposes. Smaller stores can use these belts to move luggage from a trailer to the warehouse.

Conveyor belts can also be used for moving goods around a production line.

Heavy-duty conveyor belts are commonly used in mining zones where the heavy load needs to be moved. These conveyor belts simplify the process of loading materials onto trucks.

9. A medium-size aircraft carrier

An aircraft carrier serves as an aquatic air base for war aircraft and ammunition for the navy. The aircraft carrier has a full-length flight deck with additional facilities for storing, arming, deploying, and recovering aircraft.

The vessel reduces dependency on local airbases for managing aircraft operations. Aircraft carriers vary in shape and size depending on the level of operations.

A medium-size aircraft carrier can measure around 380 feet. Such dimensions provide enough space for smaller aircraft to land and takeoff.

The most massive aircraft carrier worldwide is the US Navy’s Gerald R Ford Class which measures 1,092.2 feet.

10. A corvette ship

A corvette ship is typically a warship, only that it is smaller than the frigate.

This ship can stretch approximately 380 feet long and weigh 500 to 2000 tons. These vessels are used for marine patrol and escorting submarines.

They also have weapons that can be launched in case of an attack.

11. Seven ladders

There are many ladders to use around the home, and you probably have one or two.

Outdoor ladders are longer than indoor ladders to allow you to reach higher surfaces. One ladder measures from 17-30 feet long, and some could extend to 60 feet.

If you have seven ladders measuring 17 feet, you can arrange them one after the other to get 380 feet.

12. A mining rail

Mining sites involve many activities and personnel, and here you will find a variety of equipment to ensure work efficiency.

One popular machinery here is the mining rail that transports workers, equipment, and minerals around the site. A small mining rail measures 380 feet and is mainly used for mining in tunnels or caves.

13. Two flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers are primarily used to transport bulk cargo like vehicles and machinery. These trailers are longer than average, with many wheels and different weight capacities.

A single flatbed trailer can measure 190 feet long, meaning that two of these will measure around 380 feet.

Originally posted on January 21, 2022 @ 9:54 am