18 Things That Are About 4 Feet (ft) Long/Tall

We all know the famed actor who played Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Did you know he is four feet five inches tall?

The actor, whose real name is Peter Dinklage, is almost half a foot taller than four feet. His skill on the silver screen has carved out a place in history for him despite his stature.

Another accomplished actor is the late Hervé Villechaize, the actor who played the role of Tattoo in the golden oldie Fantasy Island (1977-1984).

The French-born actor /painter was 3.90 feet tall. These are two examples of actors who overcame insurmountable odds to leave their mark in the acting world.

If you have to estimate four feet long or high, you can compare it with common, familiar objects to help your guesstimate.

1. 7-year old child

The average 7-year old child is roughly 4 feet tall.

At this age, there is usually no difference between boys and girls. The average height of a 7-year old is 3.8 to 4.2 feet.

2. Two four-month-old babies

The average four-month-old toddler is two feet tall so that you can visualize four feet as the length of two four-month-old toddlers lying head to feet.

This estimate is influenced by how tall the baby was at birth, so we use average height at birth. Babies tend to grow by 5 inches between four months and a year.

The average height of a one-year-old baby is 29 to 30 inches (two and a half feet)

3. Hockey goal post

If you are into the NHL (National Hockey League), you can use the height of the goalposts to estimate four feet.

The standard size of the goal post is four feet high and six feet wide,

4. 48 hockey pucks

Another item used in ice hockey is the puck: a hockey puck is 1 inch tall.

If you can somehow stack 48 pucks on each other, you will have a tower four feet high.

5. Half a surfboard

You can use the length of a surfboard to estimate four feet.

The shortest surfboard for an adult is eight feet long, so half the length of a surfboard is four feet long.

6. Dresser

Four feet is a common height for dressers as it can blend with other décor, furniture sizes and still serve conveniently.

Four feet or 48 inches is comfortable for most people and still keeps objects on the top away from small kids.

7. Two mini-fridges

Two mini-fridges stacked on top of each other are four feet high. Mini-fridges are a popular option in cramped spaces or offices.

Most models are two feet high so stacking two on top of each other makes four feet. However, stacking a fridge on another fridge is not advisable as you risk dropping the top fridge causing damage.

8. Storage box

Most storage boxes are also built four feet tall. Storage bins and boxes available commercially come in all shapes and sizes, but four feet high boxes are quite popular.

Storage boxes are also popular DIY projects.

9. Coffee table and end table

You can use coffee and end tables to estimate four feet. They are usually two feet high for convenience and match the height of other furniture in the home.

Imagining two tables stacked on top of each other can help you visualize four feet high.

10. Desk lamp

Desk lamps are usually adjustable to get the light where you need it most. Your choice may depend on desk size and your preferred sitting position.

However, most desk lamps are two feet high, so you can imagine two lamps stacked on each other to estimate four feet.

11. Four common rulers

The common ruler used by students and in construction is twelve inches or roughly one foot long.

Most types have centimeters on one side and inches on the side of the same face. Four rulers laid end to end come to four feet long.

12. Eight Bic pens

Another common item around desks and rulers is a Bic pen. Bic is the best-selling pen brand globally, having passed 100 billion pens sold way back in 2006.

The standard Bic pen is 6 inches, so eight Bic pens make 48 inches or four feet.

13. Six cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are 8x8x16 inches. These hollow blocks are normally used for minor construction, usually around the home or garden.

If you stack six of these blocks along the longer side, they will be 48 inches high or four feet high.

14. Garden Fence

Some garden fences are four feet high.

Four feet is ideal as it can keep small pets and small kids from wandering off into adjacent properties. It also prevents animals from getting to your treasured garden.

15. Four Subway Subs

Four Subway subs laid end to end are roughly four feet long. As the name suggests, the foot-long subs are roughly one foot each, so four subs equals four feet.

If you purchase the half-foot-long type, you will need eight to make four feet.

16. Four two-liter soda bottles

The two-liter soda bottle is twelve inches or a foot long. Four bottles laid end to end will make four feet long.

17. Cat post

Most cat posts or cat condos in the market are four feet high. Cats use them to play, scratch, or sleep on, depending on the design.

Although some pet owners make them as DIY projects, most commercially produced cat posts are four feet high.

18. Two golden retrievers

You can also use the height of a golden retriever to estimate four feet.

A grown male golden retriever tops out at two feet or 24 inches, so four feet is two times the height of a mature golden retriever.

Originally posted on December 28, 2021 @ 10:26 am