11 Things That Are About 40 Feet (ft) Long

40 feet is pretty long, and you can use this measurement to estimate the size of objects. You can also convert this measurement system to meters if you want answers in lengths you understand.

Some of the things that measure 40 feet are around us, and some are essential in our daily lives, especially vehicles. This list covers 11 things 40 feet (12.192) meters long.

1. Semi-truck trailer

Every time you are on the highway, you are likely to see more than five semi-trucks hauling trailers. There are high chances the trailers are between 40 to 60 feet long.

Every location has different size standards for trailers, which determine the type of cargo to be carried by each trailer. 40 feet is a standard size for a semi-truck trailer, especially for transporting less bulky goods.

If you are to sum the length of the truck and the trailer, you will end up with over 65 feet.

2. A bus

Some of the most common buses you see are school buses and passenger buses. From the length of these buses, it is obvious that they are high capacity and carry many people in one journey.

A school bus, for instance, can measure 40 feet long to provide more space for students. Such buses have a carrying capacity of 90 kids with almost 15 seating rows.

The 40-foot dimension is also common for passenger buses, either long-distance or short distance travel.

3. A Garden hose

Every garden needs to be watered to prevent the plants from drying out. Depending on the size of your garden or your watering point, you will have to choose from various hose lengths that work for you.

In many cases, the perfect length for a garden hose is 40 feet to allow for flexibility and extension.

You can use a long hose to cover a wide area of your garden without having to change pipes or water source points. If you need to cover more area, you can join two hose pipes.

4. A Extension cord

Extension cords are used indoors and outdoors to transmit power over appliances and machinery. In most cases, indoor extension cords are usually shorter to prevent people from tipping or causing accidents.

Heavy-duty extension cords are usually longer, measuring up to 40 feet when fully extended. A longer cord lets you connect to a power source from a long distance without compromising voltage capacity.

Longer extension cords work best to connect to a generator that should be kept away from the household.

5. A Fishing boat

Fishing boats travel deep into the waters, where fishers can get plenty of fish. This explains why it is essential to have big boats which will accommodate more than ten fishermen while providing space for tons of fish.

Fishing boats can measure anywhere between 40-100 feet, depending on the volume of the catch. Some of these fish also have refrigeration facilities to keep the fish fresh before getting to the shore.

6. A Shipping container

Shipping containers vary in size depending on the goods to be transported. These metallic containers are usually secured to avoid people breaking into them when storing or transporting goods.

A long shipping container can be up to 40 feet long when not mounted on a truck: these containers transport machinery, electronics, clothes, vehicles and many other bulky goods.

7. A whale

Whales are the biggest ocean animals and also the biggest mammals on earth. A young whale can be longer than 20 feet.

While it is rare to see these whales in the water, there have been reports of whales showing up ashore. For instance, a 40-feet whale was once found at the shores in Britain and England.

The biggest whale in the world is the Antarctic blue whale that extends over 98 feet long.

8. Train deck

Trains can transport over 800 people depending on the type and number of cars. A long train can have more than 60 cars, carrying more than 100 passengers.

Train cars are pretty long, and a single car can be over 40 feet long and 10 feet wide. These dimensions ensure the trains have enough space for amenities, people and cargo.

9. Crane mounted truck

Lifting heavy stuff like machines and building material is now easier with cranes. Cranes are popularly known for being long and tall, especially when building skyscrapers.

Crane mounted trucks have become quite common because of their mobility and reliability. A crane mounted truck can measure up to 40 feet long, but the crane can extend further to lift items to higher surfaces.

The Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 is the largest truck crane, extending over 328 feet.

10. 3 SUV cars

Many people like SUV cars for their huge sizes, more seating capacity and enough legroom. These cars are good, especially if you are travelling with more than five friends and have plenty of luggage. A standard SUV can measure 14 feet long, and if you have three SUVs lined together, you will get a total of approximately 40 feet.

11. An extension ladder

There exists a wide variety of ladders that you can use around the home or for commercial purposes. You will need a shorter ladder to avoid straining when fixing your ceiling.

If you want to go up a tall building, extension ladders extend to 40 feet to cover more distance. The ladders are strong enough and can be minimized for easier transportation.


This list proves that 40 feet is not as long as people would expect. Some items on the list like the garden hose, extension cables, and extension ladder are available in most households, and you can check their lengths for referencing.