11 Things That Are About 400 Feet (ft) Long

When measuring long distances, the most used measuring system is the meter. However, feet measurements are also used for both short and long distances.

400 feet, when converted to meters, is 121 meters, which is longer than a football pitch. There are a few things that are 400 meters long, and some of them will be covered in this article.

1. A pier

Piers are used for docking boats, fishing and passenger or cargo access. These structures extend deeper into the sea, ocean, or lake, and some are big enough to serve as recreation centers.

There are piers measuring over 400 feet long, especially in waters with high traffic. For instance, the Southend Pier is the longest pier worldwide and extends 1.33 miles into the Thames Estuary.

The Busselton Pier in Australia is the longest wooden pier globally, measuring over 6000 feet.

2. Nine semi-trailers

Depending on a country’s long-vehicle length requirements, a semi-trailer be 50 feet long. Unlike trailers, semi-trailers lack the front axle, and much of their weight is managed by a truck.

A single semi-trailer can be 50 feet long; hence if you want to calculate 400 feet, you will need around nine semi-trailers.

Some semi-trailers are detachable from the truck, and some are permanently mounted.

3. Six bowling lanes

A bowling alley can have a maximum of eight lanes, and each lane should measure approximately 60 feet from the foul line to the headpin center.

However, you will still need more space for ball return, pin setter-upper, and computer scoring. When you line six bowling lanes back-to-back, you will end up with nearly 400 feet of length.

4. The Wyoming schooner ship

Schooner Wyoming, 1917.JPG

Wyoming is a six-masted ship holding the record for the longest wooden ship ever built globally. The ship was built in 1909 and extended over 400 feet long from the jib-boom tip to the spanker boom tip.

The ship was mostly used in heavy seas, and the crew had to use pumps to get rid of water in the hold.

Unfortunately, the ship sank in 1924, leaving the Eureka ferryboat as the longest existing ship globally, spanning approximately 299 feet in length.

5. A big yacht

The names yacht and boat are often used interchangeably to refer to some huge water vessels. Yachts look like ships, the only difference being the size and designs.

Small yachts span less than 40 feet in length. The biggest yachts can measure over 400 feet long and beyond. The world has witnessed how wealthy Arabians buy yachts, with many of them being over 500 feet long.

6. Cruise ship

Cruises ships are used to transport people over long distances and are becoming popular in tourism.

Cruise ships are designed to look like apartments, with decent lighting, swimming pools, bars, casinos, and hundreds of rooms.

A sizeable cruise ship measures nearly 400 feet long and can carry around 3000 passengers.

The largest and the longest cruise ship globally is ‘Symphony of the Seas,’ with a length of 1,188 feet weighing more than 228,081 tons.

7. Stratolaunch’s wingspan

The stratolaunch is the longest and biggest plane in the world. Besides its size, the aircraft looks like two conjoined planes, making it a unique flying object.

The aircraft has two fuselages and six engines and carries hypersonic jets and rockets. The plane has a wingspan of approximately 400 feet, which ranks as the longest in the world.

The aircraft can carry over 550,000 pounds of load which is quite big.

8. Ten buses

A school bus or a town-service passenger bus can carry up to 90 people and spans over 40 feet in length. Buses are a convenient mode of transport and also some of the oldest.

To get a length 400 feet, you will need to align ten buses. Buses are now improving due to technology, and you can find articulated buses spanning over 60 feet long.

9. Retractable cable reel

The mechanisms of retractable cable reels are similar to those of air hoses. The cables carry mains electricity and are useful in environments where there is a dire need for air or electricity in various places.

A single retractable cable reel can extend over 400 feet and supply power efficiently over long distances. These reels can be rolled in a drum that holds them once you use them.

10. A submarine

Submarines have been used for war since World War I, and they have evolved to serve various purposes.

Even though they are largely used for war and securing waters, submarines are now used in sea exploration, marine science, salvaging, and underwater facility inspection and maintenance.

A 400-foot submarine is enough to carry many people for undersea tourism and archeology, and some are specialized for undersea search-and-rescue missions or cable repair.

11. Two space shuttles

Space shuttles were developed for transporting people and cargo between space and earth. Out of the six spacecraft built by NASA, only four are left.

The remaining aircraft were placed in museums after the last flight in 2011. A single space shuttle measures 184 feet, and for you to get 400 feet, you will need a little more than two space shuttles.


Most of the longest items measuring over 400 feet are found in the sea or ocean. Watercrafts can extend to over a thousand feet, considering how much movement space they have to maneuver.

Other things that fall within the length range are mostly built structures such as bridges, piers, and jetties. The reel cable is perhaps the only mechanical item featured in the list.