12 Things That Are About 45 Feet (ft) Long

You know that a football field is about 10 yards and a pencil about 7.5 inches long. However, can you approximate what 45 feet look like?

You could use a measuring tape to find out what distance 45 feet is, but that won’t be fun. Referring to things about 45 meters long is more interesting, and you also get to learn facts you didn’t know.

Check out these things that are 45 feet long.

1. Hollywood Sign

Did you know that the Hollywood sign is 97 years old? When it was constructed in 1923, it wasn’t to advertise movies and movie stars. It was for real estate.

It was made an official landmark, and in 1984, it was lit for the summer Olympic games in LA. The Hollywood sign measures exactly 45 feet high.

2. 54 Spaghetti Strands

Spaghetti was born more than a century ago in Europe. Spaghetti comes from the Italian word ‘spago,’ meaning cord or string. Therefore, spaghetti gets its name from its shape, strands.

These signature strands measure between 10 and 12 inches in length. Therefore, you would need 54 strands connected end to end to make 540 inches or 45 feet.

3. 9 Buffalos

When buffalo calves are born, they are dependent on their mother for about a year and are considered adults by three years.

They can grow to be 6 -7 feet long and 5 -6 feet long. Therefore, nine buffalos stacked on top of each other equals about 45 feet in height.

4. 14 Refrigerators

The first refrigerators in the 19th century were so huge that they couldn’t be kept inside the home.

These fridges weighed up to 5 tons which is quite heavy compared to 400-pound fridges common today. The standard width of a fridge is around 1m. 14 such refrigerators placed side by side will make 14 m or 45 feet.

5. 7 Doors

The largest doors in the world measure 139 meters or 456 feet high. These doors are at the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, and they take up to 45 minutes to open or close.

However, a standard door measures only 2m high, meaning seven doors stacked adds up to 14 meters or 45 feet.

6. 14 Guitars

A man was once so infatuated with his guitar that he married it. The wedding ceremony was held in London where Chris Black, a British performer, wedded ‘Brenda the Fenda’ his red Fender Strat.

Standard guitars measure about a meter long, meaning you need 14 guitars to make 14 meters or 45 feet.

7. 7 Female Cougars

Did you know that the mountain lion or cougar holds the Guinness world record for the highest number of names? It has more than 40 names, including mountain cat, puma, and panther.

A female cougar grows to about 2m in length. Therefore, when seven cougars stand in a line, they will cover a distance of about 14 meters or 45 feet.

8. 9 Standing Lamps

The largest lamp in the world is part of the Village of Donalda’s lamp collection and stands 42 feet high. It was officially opened in 2000 and overlooked the Creek Coulee.

However, a standard lamp measures 5 feet tall. Therefore, nine lamps on top of each other would make 45 feet.

9. 7 Cows

Did you know that cows kill about 22 people per year? This is about four times the people killed by sharks.

The average length is about 2m. however, this length can go to about 2.6 meters. It will take seven cows in a line to make 45 feet in length.

10. 5 Grand Pianos

The length of a grand piano is approximately 9 feet long. When you place five grand pianos side by side, the length will be 45 feet.

Before 1950, pianos had ivory keys. They were banned in the 1950s in the US and the 1980s in Europe. You can still find a few vintage pianos with ivory keys, but there aren’t any new ones made with ivory keys.

11. 7 Giraffe Necks

The average length of a giraffe’s neck alone can be 2 meters. This is much taller than the average man and can weigh up to 600 pounds.

Giraffe legs are also about the same length, meaning they can run quite fast. You would need the necks of 7 giraffes to make 14 meters or 45 feet.

12. 22 High School Lockers

According to scientists, there are lockers in the pyramids in Egypt that are yet to be discovered. It is said that Kings and queens kept gold jewelry and rare stones in these lockers.

High school lockers, on the other hand, are storage for students. They measure about 24 inches in width, and 22 of them side by side will add up to about 530 inches or 45 feet.


45 feet isn’t an uncommon measurement, but it is a big number that can be hard to judge in terms of length.

The Hollywood sign is 45 feet tall, but so are 22 high school lockers. Therefore, it might be simpler to consider high school lockers than the Hollywood sign that you only see from afar.

Whatever you choose, they are all approximately 45 feet.