12 Things That Are About 5 Feet (ft) Long

Even though estimating lengths and sizes is challenging, there are some shorter heights that we can closely relate to.

For instance, we mostly use feet as a height reference around the house. Whether at home or work, there is plenty of stuff that measures five feet long.

However, not everyone can quickly point out one item measuring the same, and that is why this list covers 5-foot objects that you might be interested to learn about.

1. Jacuzzi

You cannot speak of luxurious baths without mentioning Jacuzzis. These extraordinary bathtubs are associated with wealth and big brands.

There are different Jacuzzi bathtubs like circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles. Square and rectangular Jacuzzis can measure up to 5 feet long when fully set up and hold a maximum of four people.

The enormous Jacuzzi ever built is 9 feet long and can have more than seven people.

2. Wide fridge

The invention of refrigerators marked a new beginning for appliance technology. There are different varieties of fridges, and almost every household has one.

Huge size refrigerators can measure up to 5 feet long, especially double doors with extra features. If you want to get one of these, you would have to part with a lump sum.

3. Dining table

There are various types of dining tables built with different materials. They can be made of glass, wood, metal, or plastic.

The perfect size for a dining table is around 5 feet and can accommodate up to six people.

When shopping for a dining table, you need to consider the size of your family to avoid spending on a piece of furniture that takes much space in your home.

4. Media console

Today, many households have media consoles to place TVs, gaming, and entertainment systems. A standard media console for a living room can measure five feet long with all drawers and shelves intact.

If you are a gamer or a sports fanatic and need to have your consoles carefully placed and cables secured, such a TV cabinet will be worth the money.

5. Kitchen cabinet

Every kitchen needs a cabinet where you can store your groceries and ingredients. The cabinet can also be used for holding other kitchen equipment.

A small kitchen cabinet can measure up to five feet long and three feet high. When designing a kitchen, you need to consider the spacing to avoid cluttering.

If you have enough space, you can go above and beyond with your designs.

6. Dumbbell rack

A gym usually has a lot of equipment for body workouts and strength-building dumbbells being one of them.

Dumbbells are generally placed on racks to avoid cluttering and having equipment all over. The length of a dumbbell rack is usually 5 feet, although some gyms have more extended designs.

Always remember to return the dumbbells to the racks once you have finished working out.

7. A shoe rack

If you need to keep your shoes in a shoe rack, you can choose between wooden, steel, or plastic material.

Depending on how many pairs of shoes you have, standard shoe racks measure up to 5 feet long.

This only covers the length because there are different height configurations that you can select for more than 30 pairs.

8. Two-seater couch

Couches make a home look better and keep you relaxed after a long day. Various couch sizes are taking different shapes.

The average length of a living room couch is 5 feet long, and this mainly applies to two-seater sofas. The five-foot measurement covers only the sitting area because some are buffed to be thicker and wide.

9. LED display panel

Outdoor and indoor LED display panels can be used for digital advertisements, entertainment, or decoration.

Smaller panels can measure anywhere from 1-4 feet, while medium sizes start from 5 feet.

You can see these devices in malls, schools, sports stadiums, and stores. Huge LED display panels can be longer than 100 feet, depending on the intended use.

10. Powerlifting barbell

Powerlifting barbells serve a wide range of purposes for weightlifters—these pieces of metal range in size and weight, with 5 feet being the standard length.

If you have never seen a powerlifting barbell, you should watch the Olympics, especially heavyweight lifters. A standard powerlifting barbell can hold as much as 200 pounds.

11. Treadmill machine

Heavy-duty treadmill machines popular in gyms can be as big as seven feet long. However, other categories are built to be used at home.

These are usually 5 feet long and much portable than the bigger ones.

Having a treadmill machine at home can significantly benefit your weight loss journey if your schedule does not allow access to a gym.

12. Gym mat

Gym mats can be used for workouts or yoga, and they are becoming trendy in today’s markets. A single gym mat can be 5 feet long, which is a pretty portable size.

Some mats can be longer than eight feet, depending on how you want to use them.  Gym mats are hygienic, and when using them, you will not feel the hard floor surface.


Every day we live to learn, and hopefully this article has taught you something today. At least now you know about some common items that measure around 5 feet.

You have also learned some interesting information about these things and how they came to be. You can discover the length of stuff at the comfort of your couch without lifting a tape measure.

Originally posted on December 21, 2021 @ 10:50 am