8 Things That Are About 6.5 Meters (m) Long

Six and a half meters is a common phrase used when estimating distances, building lengths, or heights, but getting a true idea for just how tall or long 6.5 meters is can be tricky.

Picturing a few common or well-known objects, however, can help you get a better feel for what 6.5 meters actually is. Here is a list of a couple of structures with a length of 6.5 meters.

1. Quanzhou Tianan Bridge  

The Quanzhou Tianan Bridge project is located between Quanzhou Bridge and Jingtong Bridge. There are four large-scale sculptures at the head of the Tian’an Bridge.

The sculpture is as high as 6.5 meters and 8.4 meters long, symbolizing wind, tune, rain, and sun. 

In addition, eight large relief sculptures are carved in the middle of the bridgehead, and there are two town beasts at the bottom. 

2. Statue of former President Lech Kaczynski

A new statue of former President Lech Kaczynski, who died in an aircraft accident is erected at Pilsudski square. The new statue measures 6.5 meters tall and costs 1.5 million Zloty.  

3. A toilet with the shape of a camera 

Residents of the Chinese city of Chongqing have been greeted by a bizarre new sight at the side of one of their main streets – a public toilet in the shape of a digital camera.

It is a public toilet for 10 people and a creative landmark with 6.5 meters in length, 3 meters in height, and 1.5 meters in thickness.

According to locals, the only justification they can think of for the strange public convenience is that it stands close to a market that specializes in selling electronic gadgets.

4. The sleeping Buddha statue 

Every day, large numbers of tourists visit the sleeping Buddha statue at Maha Vihara Mojopahit, Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. 

The statue is 6.5  meters wide and 4.5 meters high and is claimed to be the third-largest Sleeping Buddha statue in Asia and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia.

5. 21ft Westerly Jouster 

At 6.5m, Westerly Jouster Oyster Catcher is smaller than the typical Channel-crossing yacht, but she sails well and is easy to handle. It makes a pleasant boat with a lot of potential.

Slightly at an end-of-season condition, she would quickly respond to some TLC: well worth seeing. 

With her lifting keel and mast lowering gear, she is suitable for coastal/estuary sailing as well as inland. The boat has a reasonably sized cockpit with seating to either side, a lazaretto in the aft deck, and is sheltered by fitted dodgers.

In the cabin, there is a full-length quarter berth to either side, both with 4″ vinyl-covered cushions (new 1998). The galley is located midships with a Sunn single-burner gas-cartridge cooker (plus some storage) to port and the sink (plus more storage) to starboard.

In the bow, there is a Parr/ITT sea toilet, plus a V-berth, the cushions of which are original and not normally used. The headroom is 4′ 7″. 

Navigation equipment includes Plastimo Contest bulkhead compass, NASA Target log and depth sounder, and navigation lights. External: The boat is fitted with stainless steel pulpit, pushpit, stanchions, and guidelines (plus nets).

6. Mexican 6.5-meter infrared telescope

With the casting of a 6.5-meter mirror which took place on the 26th of August, 2009 in Arizona, Mexican and American astronomers have taken the first step toward the creation of a major new telescope that will survey infrared objects in the northern sky with unprecedented sensitivity.

The new mirror is destined for the planned San Pedro Mártir Telescope, which would be built at the San Pedro Mártir Observatory in Baja California, Mexico.

The telescope will begin the Synoptic All-Sky Infrared Imaging Survey (SASIR) to look for faint infrared sources – ranging from dim, nearby stars to distant quasars – and flashes of infrared light from supernovas and other transient sources.

7. De Baak

Kunstwerk De Baak tussen Lutjegast en Grootegast

Artwork by Rob Schreefel made from 10 large glacial erratics. It is 6.5 meters wide and was created in 2002 in Exloo. In 2006 it was relocated to Lutjegast.

In 2013, De Baak was placed on the Balloërveld, in the north of the province of Drenthe. It is a marker for Pieterpad walkers and indicates the distance that can still be walked.

The artwork was created by artist Arie Fonk from Rolde, based on an idea by Zilles Bodegom. Fonk used 60 boulders, weighing a total of 40 tons.

It is made in the shape of a stone circle; the largest stone in the center. This stone, with the distances to Pieterburen in the north of the province of Groningen and the Sint Pietersberg in Maastricht in the province of Limburg, weighs six tons.

It was excavated on the edge of the Balloërveld near the village of Gasteren.

8. Statue of 5 Star General and 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower

The bronze statue of Dwight D. Eisenhower by Robert L. Dean, Jr. was presented to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum by the Harry and Edith Darby Foundation. 

The 6.5-meter statue depicts Eisenhower in the familiar World War II “Eisenhower Jacket.”

The Georgia granite base has quotations from Eisenhower’s illustrious careers as President of the United States, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, General of the Army, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, and Chief of Staff of the Army.