13 Things That Are About 62 Feet (ft) Long

Maybe measuring dimensions was not your favorite part of math, but at least you have an idea about the length of certain objects. Sometimes calculating length does not have to be complicated or full of conversions.

You only need a tape measure, and in some cases, you might need google to give you the answers you need. If you have always wanted to learn about things that span 62 feet, then you are in the right place. 62 feet converts to 18.8 meters which is pretty long for certain objects.

1. A bowling lane

Bowling lanes can span between 60 to 62 feet long. The United States Bowling Congress specifies that a ten-pin bowling lane needs to measure approximately 62.8 feet. However, you should note that these lengths do not cover the whole bowling area.

There is a need for space to hold the balls and also for players to move around.

2. A cricket pitch

Cricket game requires only 11 players and since they do not move around a lot, there is no need for a bigger pitch. A cricket pitch can measure anywhere from 62 feet up to 66 feet for professional cricket. The wickets are usually placed at the edge of the pitch stand, standing at around 2 feet tall with the bails included.

3. A fishing boat

When it comes to fishing boats, there are no limits to how long they need to be. Depending on the scale of operations, fishermen can use any boat size that can carry a significant amount of load. A standard fishing boat should measure anywhere around 62 feet to provide maximum space.

These boats can carry up to 10 fishermen in one trip.

4. Three SUV cars

Every car manufacturer builds their cars depending on the engine size, carrying capacity, and load capacity. The standard size of a single SUV car is 15.1 feet and approximately 6.2 feet wide. If you park three SUV cars end to end then you will end up with roughly 62 feet.

5. An articulated bus

Articulated buses have become quite effective transport systems on our roads considering they carry more than 100 passengers in one trip. The length of an articulated bus depends on the number of couches it has. Therefore, you can find a 62-foot long articulated bus with three short coaches or two long ones.

6. 2 buses

Trailers and buses are some of the longest and biggest vehicles on our roads today. A passenger bus measures about 30.5 feet long with a carrying capacity of approximately 65 passengers. Therefore, if you have two such buses, you would get a total length of 62 feet. You should however note that these figures do not reflect all buses because some span over 40 feet.

The double-deck London buses measure 27.5 feet long.

7. A fish pond

Fish farmers need fishponds to keep fingerlings and grown fish. The size of the fish farm determines the pond sizes and also the volume of fish it can hold. In large-scale fish farms, there are ponds extending up to 62 feet long. Bigger fish ponds are good for keeping bigger fish that need plenty of space for movement.

8. A passenger boat

Passenger boats are much smaller and with a lower carrying capacity than cruise ships and yachts. A passenger boat can measure anywhere from 62 feet and carry around 120 people. Some passenger boats feature two or three decks to allow for cargo space and extra seat capacity.

9. 3 shipping containers

Shipping containers have to follow specific length guidelines to allow easier loading and transportation on container ships. There are two standard sizes for shipping containers, the 20-foot for smaller goods and the 40-foot version for bulkier goods.

If you arrange the 20-foot shipping containers back-to-back, then will end up with approximately 62 feet if you add the extra load space.

10. A fire truck ladder

Fire trucks need long ladders that can allow them to reach higher buildings to rescue victims during a crisis. These extending ladders are mounted on the fire engine and can stretch up to 62 feet upwards. There are some fire trucks with ladders extending over 100 feet and are mostly used for high-risk rescue missions.

11. A hosepipe

Hose pipes have many uses around the home or in a production site. These are mostly used for passing liquids and fluids over long distances in the garden or from one production unit to the other. Hose pipes measure anywhere from 50 feet but some might be shorter.

Therefore, you can find a 62-foot long hose pipe that you can use to water your garden.

12. Electric wire

Electric cables are built from copper or aluminum because they are more conductive than other materials. When buying electric wires, there are some brands available at 62 feet per spool. These can be used to connect power around the home over shorter distances.

13. A whale shark

Whale sharks are some of the biggest aquatic animals besides whales. Many times people confuse a whale shark for an actual whale, but they look different. A mature whale shark can span over 62 feet long while whales actually grow beyond 62 feet when fully matured.

This list covers some of the most common things that measure 62 feet long but if we were to cover the whole list, then we would have a lot of things to note down. Now that you know how long 62 feet is, you can use the measurements to approximate the length of other items.

Never miss a moment to learn about things in your environment. Next time you come across some of the things in this guide, you can grab a tape measure just to be sure.

Originally posted on December 30, 2021 @ 3:35 pm