11 Things That Are About 90 Feet (ft) Long/Tall

What could possibly be 90 feet long or tall? More than you think.

In case 90 feet is not a length/height you can easily grasp, here are 11 things that will help you easily recognize how long/tall 90 feet is.

1. Distance Between Baseball Bases

The points of the bases on a baseball diamond are 90 feet apart.

The first and third base bags are placed so they lie inside the 90-foot square formed by the bases.

The second base bag is placed so that its center coincides with the point of the ninety-foot square. 

2. Twice the Height of the Letters of the Hollywood Sign

The infamous Hollywood sign overlooks Hollywood. Each of the white letters in the Hollywood sign measures 49 feet tall.

The signs are nearly half the height of 90 feet. Built as an advertisement in 1923, the sign was intended to stand for only eighteen months. Due to increasing recognition, the sign stayed up.

3. Half as Tall as the Mahabodhi Temple

The tower of the Mahabodhi Temple in India has two large straight-sided shikhara towers. The largest tower measures 180 feet in total height, that’s twice the size of 90 feet.

The site has been of sacred interest for more than 2,000 years, with the current Temple dating back at least 1,400 years.

4. Twice The Height of a Brachiosaurus

Dinosaurs in the genus Brachiosaurus had an estimated height (at the head with neck fully extended) of up to 43 feet.

A resin cast of the first Brachiosaurus specimen, owned by the Field Museum in Chicago, is currently on display at the O’Hare International Airport.

5. One-Fourth the Size of a Football Field

According to NFL specifications, an American football field measures 360 feet from end to end.

Because each team’s goal post is located at the far end of the scoring area (end zone), a ball on a scoring play may need to travel as many as 30 feet farther when kicked into the scoring area than when run or passed into it.

A football field is four times the size of 90 feet.

6. One-Fifth The Height of The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt, had an original height of 430 feet. The Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world for almost 4,000 years.

Much of the smooth white limestone casing was removed, which lowered the pyramid’s height to the present height of 454 feet. The pyramid is currently five times the height of 90 feet.

7. Rise of the Panama Canal

Connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans across the Isthmus of Panama, the Canal measures 290,000 feet in length.

Ships passing through the Canal are raised (and then lowered) 85 feet (nearly 90 feet) above sea level through the lock-and-dam system.

8. Our Lady of the Rockies

Our Lady of the Rockies in Butte, Montana is a 90-foot (27 m) statue built in the likeness of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

It is the fourth tallest statue in the U.S., with a base that is 8,510 feet above sea level and 3,500 feet above the town. The statue sits atop the Continental Divide overlooking the city of Butte.

9. Noccalula Falls 

Noccalula Falls Park is a 250-acre public park in Gadsden, Alabama. The main feature of the park is a 90-foot (27 m) waterfall.

The waterfall cascades over 90 feet into the Black Creek ravine. The campground offers over 120 sites and a 1.7-mile walking trail.

Intersecting the main trail are over 5 miles of groomed, single-track trails perfect for walking, running, and mountain biking.

10. Original Cape Hatteras Light Station

Construction of a lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, began in 1799 when Congress recognized the danger posed to Atlantic shipping.

The first lighthouse was lit in October of 1803. Made of sandstone, it was 90 feet tall with a lamp powered by whale oil.

In 1853, following studies made by the Lighthouse Board, it was decided to add 60 feet to the height of the lighthouse, thereby, making the tower 150 feet tall. It sits 1500 feet from the shoreline.

11. The Width of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge has two main towers that support the two main cables. The width of the bridge is exactly 90 feet. The total length of the bridge is 1.7 miles or 8,981 feet.

That includes approaches from abutment to abutment. When you add the distance to the toll plaza, the total bridge length is 9,150 feet (2,788 m).