What Are The Dimensions of a Wallet Size Photo?

A recurring theme in war movies is the presence of wallets full of photos of loved ones, which soldiers frequently pull out to remind themselves that they’ll be able to return home one day and visit the people they left behind. 

This may be the only wallet photo memory we have because of the rise of smartphones, which have rendered wallet photos obsolete. It’s important to mention that some individuals still practice this, therefore this piece is for them and anyone else who wants to keep a picture of a loved one or something special in their wallet.

To carry images in your wallet, you should know the optimal size of these photos before attempting to stuff them into your wallet alongside other things like ID, credit, and debit cards. To this end, the size of the wallet must also be taken into account. In most wallets, a 5 x 7 photo will be too big to fit. 

The subsequent paragraphs are designed to help you better understand wallet photo sizes, and everything you need to know about them. 

Size of a Wallet Photo 

Source: Snapfish.com

The disappointment of purchasing a photo with the intention of putting it in your wallet, only to discover that it is too large, can be avoided by using the standard wallet photo sizes, which are compatible with almost any type of wallet. This way, you won’t have to worry about this problem. 

Experts in the printing business agree that 2″ x 3″ is the ideal photo size for a wallet. Most leather wallets with a photo slot can accommodate this size. 

There are three different sizes available for wallet photographs. You might print the photos uncut and subsequently cut them into smaller pieces that you can carry around in your wallet or display in a small frame for the benefit of others. 

The sizes are; 

  • Mini Wallet photo sizes – Mini Wallets photos come as eight images, every 2.5×1.75 inches, uncut on a 5×7 sheet.
  • Standard Wallet photos – Standard wallet photos come as four images, each 2.5 x 3.5 inches, uncut on a 5×7 sheet.
  • Die-cut wallets – Die Cut Wallets are wallet size photos that are roughly 2.5″x3.5″ in size, and are printed 8 at a time on a sheet and then run through a die cutter that cuts them (with rounded corners).

Other Measurements

Alternatively, you can figure out the required wallet photo dimensions by using one of the methods listed below. 

A good rule of thumb is using the size of your wallet’s typical contents as a guide. Business cards are normally 2 by 3.5 inches, while credit cards are smaller. Alternately, your classic photo size will work if you keep your money in an L-shaped wallet. 

Also, Instead of taking the risk of ordering the wrong picture size for your wallet, you can cut a piece of paper to fit the slot in your wallet and see whether it fits. It’s easy to trim down a piece of paper if it’s too big by snipping off the excess from the sides. After that, remove the paper and use a tape measure to determine its dimensions.

Simply ensure that the print size is equal to or less than the paper’s measured size; the reason being that, Smaller photographs will fit into larger pockets, but not the other way around.

Before printing your wallet-sized photos, it’s important to know how big a wallet-sized photo should be. To fit in your wallet that way, you won’t end up with the disappointment of getting photos that will eventually not fit into your wallet.