What Are The Dimensions of a Wheelie Bin?

Taking care of the environment means properly disposing waste without littering the surroundings. Dustbins are placed in almost every facility to collect waste before safe disposal.

In residential and commercial spaces, wheelie bins can hold waste paper bags before a collection service collects them for disposal. Wheelie bins come in various materials like HDPE plastic, steel, or fiberglass, and all these come in specific sizes. In addition, they have wheels which makes them different from their traditional wheel-less counterparts.

If you are curious about the size of items around you, learning more about wheelie bins is a good idea. Today we are diving into the dimensions and details of wheelie bins and any other information that answers your size questions.

What are the Dimensions of a Two-Wheel Wheelie Bin

Two-wheeled wheelie bins are constructed so they can remain balanced on two wheels. Therefore, they are built higher/taller than their four-wheeled counterparts. The standard two-wheeled wheelie bin is about 80 centimeters (31 in) high.

The width can be anywhere from 40 centimeters (15.7 in) and the depth from 30 centimeters (11 in). These are common for small-scale residential and commercial applications.

What are the Dimensions of a Four-Wheeled Wheelie Bin

The four-wheeled wheelie bins are popularly used for bulk waste disposal in neighborhoods and businesses. They have a capacity of between 660-2200 liters. They take a horizontal cuboid shape, and the four wheels support the container.

The wheels also ensure efficient waste transportation from one point to the other. The average length of a four-wheeled bin is 120 centimeters (47 in). The depth and width will depend on the number of bags it can hold.

What are the Dimensions of an 80-Liter Wheelie Bin?

The 80-liter wheelie bin is the smallest of all and very versatile. It is commonly used in businesses, households, and schools. They can only hold 1 or 2 refuse bags for their size. The nominal capacity is around 32 kg (70 lb). The height is 72 cm (28 in), width 50 cm (19.6 in) and depth 44 cm (17 in). They are made of injection-molded HDPE and are cadmium-free and UV resistant.

What are the Dimensions of a 140-Liter Wheelie Bin?

140-liter wheelie bins are suitable for households with around two people for minimum waste disposal. These are elongated and have two wheels for easy hauling and trash movement. In some states, this is the standard requirement for homes.

A 140-liter wheelie bin is 106 cm (41 in) high, 55 cm (21.6 in) deep, and 49 cm (19 in) wide. It has a black lid that is 50 cm (19.6 in) long, 45 cm (17.7 in) wide, and 4 cm (1.5 in). It holds around 2 to 3 refuse bags before collection.

What are the Dimensions of a 180-Liter Wheelie Bin?

160-liter wheelie bins are used to hold residual waste. They are used for green waste, food waste, and mixed dry recyclables. These bins are not much bigger than 140-liter bins because they are the same height and can hold roughly the same amount of waste. The height, depth, and width are given as 106cm (41.7 in) by 74cm (29 in) by 49 cm (19 in) and can hold 3-4 refuse bags.

What are the Dimensions of a 240-Liter Wheelie Bin?

The decision to purchase a 240-liter wheelie bin depends on one’s family size. However, considering the size, it can be used for garden waste and recycling dry materials. Even though they are twice the size of 120-liter bins, their dimensions are not different.

The only parameter that sets them apart is the width of the container. A 240-liter wheelie bin is 106 cm (41.7 in) high, 74 cm (29 in) deep, and 58 cm (22 in)wide and great for holding 4-5 refuse bags.

What are the Dimensions of a 360-Liter Wheelie Bin?

A larger 360-liter wheelie bin can hold around five sacks of waste which is great for commercial purposes. In addition, they are great for companies producing a lot of general waste and recyclables like cards and paper.

It is among the most popular wheelie bin sizes, is larger than the ones used at home, and can hold from 6 to 7 refuse bags. A standard 360-liter wheelie bin is 88 cm (34.6 in) high, 61 cm (24 in) wide, and 56 cm (22 in) deep. The lid is 57 cm (22 in) long, 52 cm (20 in) wide, and 4 cm (1.5 in) high.

What are the Dimensions of a 500-Liter Wheelie Bin?

The 500-liter wheelie bin is slightly bulkier than a 360-liter bin, only that it has four wheels. It can hold around 6 refuse papers because it is wider. These movable bins are 136 cm (53 in) long, 113 cm (44 in) wide, and 65.5 cm (25.7 in) deep. It weighs 38 kilograms (83 lb) and can handle loads up to 240 kilos (529 in).

What are the Dimensions of a 660-Liter Wheelie Bin?

660-liter wheelie bins are rectangular and horizontally inclined because they are used in heavy commercial applications. Instead of two, they have four wheels for better balance and handling heavy loads. They are lockable, easy to move around, and have wheel safety braking systems.

The height, width, and depth measurements are 120 cm (47 in) by 136 cm (53 in) by 78 cm (30 in). They also have bigger lids that cover the entire opening. A standard-sized lid is 118 cm (46 in) by 132 cm (52 in) by 5 cm (1.9 in).

What are the Dimensions of an 1100-Liter Wheelie Bin?

The largest wheelie bin of them has a capacity of 1100 liters. This bin is big enough for businesses and organizations that need to store large amounts of waste. It is used for dry mixed recycling, general waste, paper or plastic, and compactable waste.

It comes with four wheels and a robust exterior to ensure longevity. The 1100-liter bin is 137 cm (53.9 in) high, 128 cm (50 in) wide, and 98 cm (38.5 in) deep. It can carry up to 65 kilos (143 lb) of waste and hold 20 bin bags.

What are the Dimensions of a Wheelie Bin Wheel?

While wheelie bins come in different sizes, the wheels are standard for all capacities. Manufacturers use standard-size wheels for easy replacement in case a unit gets damaged or lost. The wheels can either be rubber or HDPE plastic wheels with steel axles. The diameter of a wheelie bin wheel is around 19.5-20 cm (7.6-7.8 in) and 4.6 cm wide.

The capacity of wheelie bins is given in liters because the volume rates the amount of waste it can hold. The exterior dimensions can be given in inches or centimeters because they are easy to measure. Luckily, this guide covers the main bin sizes you want to know about. This information might help you select a wheelie bin that fits your home. In addition, if you are building a bin shelter, these dimensions could help you.