12 Things That Are About 5 Centimeters (cm) Long

There are many small things in the world but not many measures 5 centimeters. Everything you can see and touch has dimensions that you might be unaware of. It would be best not to walk around trying to measure every small thing to determine its size. Nevertheless, learning about things of this length is fun, and you should not be missing out. If you have never heard of anything that measures 5 centimeters, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to discover some of these objects. However, you should note that some items on the list are not exactly 5 cm long.

1. Earrings

There are more than ten types of earrings worn on different occasions. Earrings can either be classic, piercings, modern, among others. Chainlink earrings are typically longer and measure from 5 centimeters upwards.

The most extended earrings globally are 472.66 meters long and were made by a team of jewelers who spent eight months making them.

2. Pendant

A pendant is a small piece of loose-hanging jewelry attached to a necklace by a small loop. A necklace with a pendant is called the “pendant necklace.” The part hanging down from the necklace can be 6 centimeters or longer.

The pendant can either be steel, gold, diamond, or plastic, depending on what you want to present.

3. A piece of chalk

Before whiteboards existed, there were blackboards that required you to use white or colored chalk to write. These chalks were sold in packs, and they were available in different sizes.

A typical piece of chalk is 5 centimeters long and can last for up to a week, depending on how you use it. Most institutions used chalks because writings would last over a month.

4. Belt buckles

Without a belt buckle, you would be unable to hold your pants on your waist. Belts have buckles with a pin where the strap goes into. These buckles are made in different sizes and designs, with some looking like plates.

A small belt buckle measures 5 centimeters and is commonly used for making casual belts.

5. Hairpin

If you have long hair and do not want them covering your face, you can use a hairpin to hold them back. Alternatively, you also use these pins to hold your hair while you style it up when grooming. A typical hairpin is 5 centimeters long and can be of any shape.

Such hairpins are mainly used to hold shorter hair. Bigger pins should be used for longer hair.

6. A razor blade

Razor blades are among the smallest blades used for various cutting purposes. The standard size is around five centimeters and is mainly used for lighter tasks. Razor blades used to be fixed on shavers for grooming purposes back in the day.

Today shavers come with pre-installed blades for efficiency and convenience.

7. Smartwatch screen

No one ever thought that watches would evolve to operate like mobile phones. Even though smartwatches are becoming popular, many people still enjoy classic analog watches. A smartwatch resembles an analog watch only that its functions are improved.

A smartwatch screen can measure up to 5 centimeters. Some can be square, rectangular or circular. The size depends on the product maker and its functions.

8. A paper clip

Paperclips are primarily used in offices, but they can also be used around the house. These small pieces of steel are used to hold pieces of paper together instead of having them flying all over the place. A paper clip measures 5 centimeters and has a firm grip.

9. A safety pin

A safety pin has its point bent back towards the head to lock in when closed. It is used to fasten clothing or fabric together. You can also use it to patch torn fabric, and some are used as jewelry.

The standard size for safety pins is 5 centimeters, although some can be as small as 1 centimeter. 8-centimeter safety pins hold heavy fabric that may bend smaller safety pins.

10. Band-aid

Band-aids are used for covering minor cuts and abrasions, and everyone should have them in a first aid kit. These adhesive bandages can also help you stop bleeding before seeking further treatment.

A band-aid can measure around 5 centimeters to cover minor cuts. Bigger cuts will need a bigger and stronger medical plaster that will not fall off.

11. Pen cap

Biro pens have smaller caps than fountain and felt pens. A pen cap can be anywhere around 5 centimeters long. A pen measures 14.9 cm with the lid covering the tip. When the cap is removed, it is approximately 14.5 centimeters long.

Some pens use fancier caps that are longer; hence these dimensions are not constant.

12. Upholstery needle

Upholstery needles are different from sewing and knitting needles and are equally unique. Needles used for upholstery have a round point pushed between fabric threads. Such needles are curved and are preferred because they do not tear the furniture’s fabric material.

An upholstery needle measures from 5 centimeters upwards. They are also strong and do not bend easily. Such properties allow them to pass through all types of fabric.

If you have gone through the entire list, you can ascertain that you have learned something new today. Surprisingly, we are surrounded by many things we do not know about. Sometimes, knowing the minor details about an object near you can make you knowledgeable in a particular field.