13 Things That Are About 2 Centimeters (cm) Long

Two centimeters is pretty small, and most of the things with this length can perfectly fit in your pocket. Some are even smaller than a matchbox, and you can hold them in your palm without being noticed. Unless you are good at estimation, you cannot easily identify items that are 2 centimeters long.

Some of the small stuff you are already thinking about could measure less or more than two centimeters hence the need to do a little research. If you want to know what these objects are, keep reading.

1. A Thumbtack

The thumbtack, also known as the drawing pin, is common in every office or household with a notice board. These small pins with the plastic head measure 2 centimeters long. Unlike other pins, the drawing pins are available in one uniform size; only the color of the head differs.

2. A Small key

If you have collected all the keys in the world, you will end up with thousands of key designs, materials, and sizes. Although most house keys measure around 5 centimeters, you can easily come across a 2 cm key for travel cases.

If you were curious to know the longest key globally, it is an 8.58 meter (858 cm) replica of Jim Bolin’s Chevy Silverado truck.

3. A Drill bit

When you buy a drill machine, the kit has more than ten drill bits that you can use for various drilling purposes. Some of the smallest drills measure 2 centimeters and are primarily used for making smaller holes. Try crosschecking the sizes with a ruler to confirm if you have one near you.

4. A Screw

Where there is a 2 cm drill bit, you cannot miss a 2-centimeter screw. You can use these screws when building stuff around the house.

5. Small nail clip

Personal hygiene starts with your grooming and taking care of your body. One thing you must have is a nail clip to trim your nails. Besides the large size nail clips, you can have a smaller one to carry in your pocket when far from home.

A small nail clip can measure 2 centimeters, and you can even carry it in your shirt pocket.

6. A fake nail

The cosmetics market keeps getting fancier day by day, and apart from nail polish, ladies have a new way to take care of their nails. Fake nails are usually glued to the actual nail to look longer and more appealing. Some nails are as long as 2 centimeters.

7. A crochet hook

People who crochet have various hooks for making some great pullovers, mittens, and scarves. Different hook sizes ensure the yarn is neatly woven in to achieve such impressive designs. There is a 20mm (2cm) hook used to knit merino yarns.

8. Sewing needle

Sewing needles are some of the small tailoring equipment you cannot miss in your home. These needles are made in different sizes to serve different purposes. A 2 cm sewing needle is shorter and slimmer than the other types. It is mostly used for light work like sewing patches on a shirt or other light cloth material.

9. Reducer nozzle

A reducer nozzle is primarily used to reduce a pipe’s size with a smaller bore. This allows the pipe to satisfy hydraulic requirements without spilling out the liquid. A small reducer measures 2 centimeters and can take any shape. Some of these reducers are made of plastic, steel, or aluminum.

10. Vape pod

People who want to quit smoking cigarettes can use vape to control the urge to smoke. Vapes still deliver nicotine in smaller amounts that are less harmful to humans. Vape pods are small tanks that hold liquid that the user attaches to a vape pen to produce vapor.

A small vape pen can measure anywhere from 2 centimeters, making it portable.

11. Fountain pen cap

You need a pen to write, and there are different types, sizes, and designs of pens you can use. There are ballpoint pens, fountain pens, felt pens, etc. If you were to measure the cap sizes of a fountain pen, you would realize that some of them measure 2 centimeters. The same result would be achieved for felt pens.

12. A Lego

Legos may appear to be small pieces of plastic but can build some amazing mini-structures. Legos are sold in different sizes, shapes, and colors, explaining how magnificently they fit into each other. If you were to measure the small pieces of Legos, you would find a few that are 2 centimeters long.

13. A peanut

Before being made to peanut butter, the peanut is usually harvested as pods. A peanut pod can be small or large, depending on the number of nuts it holds. Therefore, a peanut pod measures anywhere from 2 centimeters and holds two nuts. If you come across one of these, you have to pop it open to take out the peanuts for further processing.

By the look of things, 2 centimeters is not as small as it sounds. However, if you compare these objects with some of the largest objects in the world, they appear to be minor. Nonetheless, if you can access some of these things around you, get a ruler and try measuring the sizes to confirm if you have a few items measuring 2 cm.

While you do this, you will understand how to estimate object sizes which can guide you when purchasing stuff.