8 Things That Are About 230 Meters (m) Long

230 meters is the equivalent of 754.5 feet and around 251 yards. The only physical thing we know for sure is 230 meters long is the base length of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

The largest of the three major pyramids of Giza is an astonishing structure that stands at 146 meters and was the tallest man-made structure until 1221C.E. Today, man has surpassed even their own expectations, with 230-meters tall buildings being among the shortest in the world.

But what else is 230 meters long? Let’s take a look.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know the engineer behind the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge didn’t have an engineering degree when he started constructing it. Years later, the man would write the definitive textbook now used as the basis of structural engineering globally.

Individual towers of the Golden Gate Bridge stand just over 227 meters above the San Francisco Bay, and it occupies about 2,737 meters of distance.

2. 2 Football Fields

The American football field is said to be 100 yards or 91 meters long, but it’s actually 110-120 meters because of the two 10 yard end zones. If you join two football fields length to length, you will have approximately 230 meters to run on.

Interestingly, other countries such as Canada have a football field whose length is 140 meters long and 59 meters wide.

3. 2 City Blocks

In many US cities, a city block is between 100 and 200 meters, depending on how spaced the buildings are. For example, in Manhattan, a block is 1/20 mi or 80 meters long.

This refers to the travel distance between two district points in the city, and is usually measured by the number of buildings easy to west and north to south. Depending on which city you live in, 230 meters can be the length of two blocks or three.

4. 10 Tennis Courts

A regulation-sized tennis court must be 23.7 meters long. This is quite small compared to the length of a football field or any other major league sport. It is a sufficient size however since the players have to be close to each other in order to serve the ball to the other side.

With that size in mind, you will need 9 to 10 tennis courts to get 230 meters, and that’s a lot of players.

5. 230 Adult Steps

Adult steps are a fantastic way to determine the length of something that can’t be measured with a tape measure. Most adult steps measure around 3 feet or 1 meter long.

Of course, this differs with the person’s height, how fast they are walking, and sex. If we take the 1-meter step of a 5’5-6’3 man, you can see how 230 meters is exactly 230 steps.

6. 6 Highway Telephone Poles

The height of a telephone pole differs depending on where you live. In most residential areas, they can range from 9 to 18 meters long. The height difference comes in because of the plantations around as well as buildings.

For the same reasons, telephone poles on the highways of USA are taller, standing at 36 meters tall. Considering one pole is 36 meters, you would need 6 of them joined together to make 230 meters.

7. 70-Story Building

Like everything else in the world, there is no agreement on how tall a building story should be. Some make storys that are 3.1 meters long, while others are 4.5 meters. If we take the 3.1 or 10ft storys, 230 meters is a 70 story building.

You have to consider that every building, especially the tall ones, has a mechanical bottom floor estimated to be 6.2 meters high and a top mechanical floor usually the same height. Examples of famous buildings that are exactly 230 meters tall include Unicredit Tower in Milan and Tour First in Paris.

8. Merchant Ship

Merchant ships are classified based on size and area of operations. Right from construction, the size of a ship is determined to serve a certain area or purpose.

While there are many types of merchant ships globally, the Handymax vessels are typically around 200 meters in length. These ships are classified as small-sized ships used as bulk carriers. They have a 60,000 tonnes capacity and can easily enter most ports and harbors.

Originally posted on December 6, 2021 @ 11:00 pm