List of the 24 Shortest YouTubers (Male & Female List)

Some of the problems we have in society stem from the constant discrimination of people based on their height. It has even been said that tall men get the ladies and that tall men are more attractive.

While this might be true, the height bias in society is getting out of hand. Nonetheless, some short people have cut it in a society that does not appreciate short people. Out of the millions of YouTubers, some are pretty short and have made a career. The YouTubers on this list are short but have millions of subscribers consuming their content.

We will link to one video under each YouTuber for you to check out, lets’s dive into finding out who the shortest YouTubers is

The 12 Shortest Male YouTubers

1. McJuggerNuggets – 5ft 5 ½ in

Jesse Tyler Ridgway, alias McJuggerNuggets or RiDGiD STUDiOS, is an American YouTube personality who was brought up in Elmer, New Jersey. He runs two YouTube channels, one focusing on gaming and the other on a “psycho series.”

McJuggerNuggets is only 5 ft. 5 ½ in, putting him first on the list of the shortest male YouTubers.

2. Cr1TiKaL – 5ft 6 in

Cr1TiKaL is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is popularly known for video game commentaries on his YouTube channel “penguinz0”. He has gained much coverage growing his online career. He is the second-shortest YouTuber on this list at 5-foot-6.

3. Linus Sebastian – 5 ft. 6 in

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian YouTube star, creator, and host of the channel Linus Tech Tips (LTT). He is also the founder and CEO of Linus Media Group since 2013. Linus also creates and hosts four technology YouTube channels. Linus Sebastian is 5-foot-6, making him one of the shortest popular YouTubers.

4. Vikkstar123 – 5 ft. 6 in

Vikram Singh Barn goes by Vikkstar123 and is an English internet personality and YouTuber. He is also a member and co-founder of a British YouTube group called the sidemen.

His YouTube channel has more than 11.8 million subscribers, making him one of the most subscribed YouTube channels. He is only 5-foot-6, which puts him fourth on this list.

5. Adam Saleh – 5 ft. 6 in

Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh is a Yemeni-born American YouTube personality and boxer from New York City. He started posting videos on his YouTube channel “TrueStoryASA” in 2012 and became famous when Ellen DeGeneres hosted him.

Adam Saleh is only 5-foot-6, and his YouTube platforms have gained more than 1.4 billion total views.

6. FaZe Rug – 5 ft. 6 in

Brian Rafat Awadis, famous as FaZe Rug, is an American YouTube personality who uses his channel to post vlogs, gaming videos, challenges, and pranks. He is also the co-owner of the FaZe Clan and the most subscribed gamer in FaZe Clan, with more than 20 million subscribers. FaZe Rug is only 5-foot-6.

7. Tom Cassell – 5 ft. 6 ½ in

Thomas George Cassell is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer popularly known as the Syndicate, formerly TheSyndicateProject. Tom Cassell is only 5-foot-6 ½, and he is known for posting video game walkthroughs and gaming-commentary videos.

His YouTube channels have more than 14 million subscribers with over 2 billion total views.

8. Michael Stevens, 5 ft. 6 ¾ in

Michael David Stevens is an American public speaker, entertainer and educator, and editor known for creating and hosting the popular YouTube channel Vsauce.

He officially started his channel by posting video-game content before his educational series picked up. Michael David Stevens is among the shortest male YouTubers at just 5-foot-6 ¾.

9. Ethan Payne – 5 ft. 7 in

Ethan Leigh Payne is an English streamer, internet personality, and YouTuber better known as Behzinga. He produces videos on comedy, football, gaming, and fitness and is among the founding members of the British YouTube group Sidemen. Ethan Payne is only 5 feet 7 inches tall and is one of the most influential online creators in the UK.

10. Deji Olatunji – 5 ft. 7 in

Babadeji Daniel, better known as Deji Olatunji, started his YouTube career going by the name ComedyShortsGamer before changing his name. The English YouTube vlogger is best known for skits, comedic content, and reactions.

Besides his internet fame, Deji Olatunji is only 5-foot-7, a few inches shorter than the average YouTuber’s height.

11. Ryan Higa – 5 ft. 7 ½ in

Ryan Higa, better known as nigahiga, is an American internet personality popularly known for his comic YouTube videos. He started making videos in 2006 and is one of the most popular figures on the platform. He was the first person to hit 2 and 3 million subscribers on YouTube consecutively.

Besides his accolades, Ryan Higa is only 5-foot-7 ½ placing him as the 11th shortest male YouTube personality.

12. Keemstar – 5 ft. 8 in

Keemstar, born Daniel M. Keem, is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer popularly known as Keemstar. He is known for hosting the internet’s popular culture news show “DramaAlert .”

Keemstar is only 5 feet 8 inches tall and one of the shortest male YouTubers overall. His YouTube channel has over 5.7 million subscribers with over 1.25 billion views.

The 12 Shortest Female YouTubers

1. Rosanna Pansino – 4 ft. 10 in

Rosanna Pansino is an American actress, YouTuber, author, and singer. She is one of the most-paid YouTube content creators and one of the shortest. She is the shortest female YouTuber, only 4 feet and 10 inches tall. The 36-year-old celebrity was first on the Forbes “Top Influencers: Food” list of 2017.

2. Gabi DeMartino – 5 ft. ½ in

Gabriella Nelida DeMartino, also known as Gabi Demar or Gabi DeMartino, is a popular American YouTuber and social media influencer. She uses her YouTube channel to promote beauty products and post beauty tips with her sister Niki Demartino. She is the second-shortest female YouTuber at 5 ½ feet.

3. Anna Akana – 5 ft. 1 in

Anna Kay Napualani Akana is a popular American actress, musician, filmmaker, and YouTube content creator. She boasts of over 2.8 million subscribers, and she also runs a clothing line. Anna Akana is only 5-foot-1 making her one of the shortest female YouTubers. Besides her YouTube career, she has also featured in multiple movies and series.

4. Jordyn Jones – 5 ft. 1 in

Jordyn Jones first came into the limelight on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, premiered in late 2012. Jordyn has grown to be a great media personality, which is evident from her millions of fans.

Jordyn is known for many things, including being one of the shortest female YouTubers. She is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall.

5. Inanna Sarkis – 5 ft. 2 in

Inanna Sarkis is one of the most influential YouTube stars, boasting over 3.8 million subscribers. Besides being a media personality, she is also an actress. Inanna Sarkis is also pretty short, considering she is only 5-foot-2 and one of the shortest YouTubers in the world.

She opened her YouTube channel BABY24K in 2017, and she is still active on the platform.

6. Andrea Russett – 5 ft. 2 in

Andrea Rose Russet is a media personality active on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. After releasing her first song in 2020, she officially became a published singer/songwriter.

Andrea has 3.01 million subscribers on her channel “Andrea Russet,” with over 200 million views. Andrea Russet is one of the shortest female YouTubers on this list because she is only 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

7. Justine Ezarik – 5 ft. two ¾ in

Justine Ezarik is an American host, author, actress, and YouTuber. She is known popularly for her YouTube channel, which has more than 1 billion views. Justine is only 5 feet 2 ¾ inches tall.

8. Bunny Meyer – 5 ft. 3 in

Rachel “Bunny” Meyer is an American YouTuber who uses her channel grav3yardgirl to promote beauty products and tutorials. She started her media career in 2010 and has amassed more than 8.26 million followers and 1.6 billion views. “Bunny” is also pretty short at the height of 5-foot-3.

9. SSSniperWolf – 5 ft. 3 in

Alia Marie Shelesh, famously known as SSSniperWolf, is an English-American actress and YouTuber who posts commentary, reactions, DIY videos, vlogs, and gaming videos.

She has also worked alongside famous creators like Dhar Mann. SSSniperWolf is only 5-foot-3 and one of the top ten shortest YouTube content creators overall.

10. Ingrid Nilsen – 5 ft. 3 ½ in

Ingrid Nilsen is an American YouTube personality hailing from California. She opened her YouTube channel in 2009 to share her feeling of confidence with other people and to overcome her fear of public speaking.

Her YouTube channel Missglamorazzi has 3.52 million subscribers with 390 million views. Ingrid Nilsen stands at 5 feet 3 ½ inches tall, meaning she is one of the shortest YouTube stars in the world.

11. Tanya Burr – 5 ft. 4 in

Tanya Burr is an English actress and YouTuber who posts makeup and fashion videos on her YouTube channel. She later switched to acting in 2017 and featured in multiple films. Tanya is one short YouTuber at just 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Her channel “Tanya Burr” has over three million subscribers and over 28 million subscribers.

12. Claudia Sulewski – 5 ft. 5 in

Claudia Sulewski is a polish –American actress, YouTuber, and host. She started making YouTube videos in 2010 in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles. Claudia has moved on to become an actor and is also one of the shortest YouTubers. Her channel, “BeyondBeautyStar,” has more than 2.4 million subscribers.