The 8 Tallest Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Up until the 19th century, Cakes were known as “Bride Pies”. It was said that the bride places a ring in the pie and whoever finds it is the next person to be married. Almost similar to the catching of the bouquet that we have in recent times. 

However, as time went on, Cakes replaced Bride pies due to the availability of sugar. It was often made from plum or fruit cake. The beginning of the 20th century paved the way for tiered cakes that soon became a popular choice for wedding celebrations. 

Most often than not, most people expect a unique aesthetic feature whenever they think of wedding cakes. Expecting it to be grand and for it to also stand out. This piece aims to enlighten you about some of the tallest cakes the world has ever seen.

1. Mohegan Sun Hotel Cake (22ft tall)

Since 2004, this cake has remained the world’s biggest wedding cake weighing 6.818 tonnes. The cake was displayed at the New England Bridal Showcase in February 2004. As expected, the cake towers above three full-grown men. 

It took the combined efforts of 58 chefs to complete the 22ft design and 7-tiered cake. It was made with a vanilla sponge and a combination of vanilla and almond buttercream. Each tier was decorated with chocolate bows and hearts. 

Till now, no cake has been able to beat the record.

2. Nick and Priyanka’ Wedding Cake (18ft tall)

The perfect cake to celebrate this sensational couple that has the hearts of millions of people around the world stood on 18ft. It was said to be inspired by the art deco of the palace where the wedding took place. The cake was so big that they had to use a sword-like knife to slice it. The 6-tiered cake was said to be prepared by chefs around the world.

3. Fairy Castle Cake (16ft tall)

LeNovelle is an Indonesian bakery that is known for creating magnificent wedding cakes. It is said that if you can think of it, they can make it. It is no wonder that this Fairy Castle Cake caught the attention of the media in 2017. 

Created for a wedding at the Trans Luxury Hotel, this multi-tiered castle made out of sugar stands on a solid 16ft and is lit up from the inside. The bakery reported that it took 15 people to make this cake, 30 days to make the entire cake, and 6 hours to assemble it. 

It was made with styrofoam that is then covered with fondant icing and decorated with sugar paste flowers making the entire castle edible.

4. 12-tiers (12ft tall)

Goldilocks, a local fast food which the groom Dingdong Dantes endorsed, surely outdid themselves when they created the masterpiece for the couple’s wedding. As of 2014, the wedding cake was said to perhaps be one of the largest wedding cakes the world has ever seen. 

Standing on a solid 12ft, it’s no surprise that it took the effort of 10 persons to move the cake into the venue. Surprisingly, the wedding cake was shared to the guests even though it was insanely huge and could crumble if any part was taken away from it.

It weighed 120 kilograms and it was reportedly decorated with Swarovski crystals and was 3-D mapped for projected CD effects. 

Their cake could be one of the biggest wedding cakes ever made as the 3 biggest wedding cakes ever made were made for presentation purposes and not an actual wedding.

5. Carousel Cake (10ft tall)

Made by 1001 bakery for one of China’s great stars, Angelababy, in 2015, the carousel Cake took away the breath of everyone upon its display at the Shanghai Exhibition center where it took place. The cake towered above the couple as well as the 2000 guests that were present. 

Going with the fairytale theme of the wedding, the cake was no less than a fairytale piece standing on 2.5m and having 9 layers. It was adorned with elegant teardrop laces, ribbons, and beautiful rose-shaped icing.

The Candy bar was themed as the “four seasons” with sugar, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and candy shaped as cherry blossoms, peony, dahlia, and camellia floras. 

The cake was shaped like a carousel and as expected, it took away the breath of guests and most importantly, gave them the dreamy feel of a fairytale.

6. Mane Cake (over 10ft tall)

This cake cost a whopping sum of $75,000, towering above the groom that is over six feet tall, his petite wife, and of course, the guests in attendance.

Edda’s cake designs revealed that it took them 3 months of planning, 3 days of baking, 8,000 handmade sugar flowers, and 2,500 Swarovski crystals to create the cake. The flavors that made up the piece were red velvet, amaretto, carrot, banana nuts, and Jamaican rum cake.

The four double-tiered layer cake had crystals dangling from each section to make it look as though it were a chandelier. It isn’t surprising that the couple had to use a sword to cut the cake.

7. Chocolate Biscuit Cake (9ft tall)

As expected,  the grandest cake is the only cake befitting of a royal wedding. This piece was made in 1947 to celebrate the union between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip of England. Mr. Schur was the mastermind behind the design of the cake.

 The ingredients for the monstrous 9ft tall cake were flown in from Australia and South Africa earning it the nickname “the 10,000-mile cake”. The cake produced 2,000 slices for guests that were present and hundreds were sent to various charities and organizations with handwritten notes. Hundreds of hours were spent making the cake.

8. Upside Down Chandelier Cake (7ft tall)

This is regarded as one of the craziest cakes the world has ever seen. It was made for the big bang theory star, Kelly Cuoco for her wedding in 2014. The six-tiered cake was made by The Butterend Cakery in Los Angeles.

The planning and execution of the cake took about 6 weeks. The two-flavored cake was surprisingly able to be cut while it was hung upside down. The 7ft and six-tiered cake was topped with Swarovski crystals.