11 Things that are 6 Inches in Diameter

Do you have a circular object, and would you like to know the measurements?

First, you will need to know the measurement of its center. This measurement is called a diameter; it is when you draw a straight line passing through the center of a perfect circle. The line has to touch both sides of the circle but only at the befitted center.

Learning about the diameter of different objects can be helpful in your everyday interaction with different people and things.

Before you continue reading, it is crucial to know that 6 inches are equivalent to 15.24 centimeters.

Continue reading to find out more about things that are 6 inches in diameter.

1. Wood Plaque

Most of the awards given to people who have achieved specific accomplishments are always wooden plaques. Most of these plaques can be made from wood, but Mahogany is the most common.

Although wooden plaques can be made of any size, the common size is 6-inch diameter.

Some of them are bought as finished products, and you can also purchase unfinished ones and customize them according to your preference.

2. Personalize Crystal Plaque

These plaques make the best gifts or trophies for retiring employees or workers. They are usually 6 inches in diameter, carefully handcrafted out of glass.

You can also gift them to a person close to you as a birthday present. The best part is that you can place an order for a custom-made to fit your requirements perfectly.

3. KENT Electroplated Lap Disc

Kent supplies are selling this electroplated diamond-coated flat lap disc, measuring 6 inches in diameter, but the arbor hole is ½ inch in diameter. It is used for polishing and grinding glass, rock, jewelry, and many other items.

It is the best for both rough and fine filling due to its high density and quality diamond coating. It is the best tool to use when looking for precision.

4. Mixing Bowl

A mixing bowl is crucial in any kitchen, especially if you love baking. Mixing bowls comes in various sizes, including ones that are 6 inches in diameter. They are either made of glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

They help mix the ingredients, but you can also use them to serve, store food, beat whipping cream, and make salads.

5. Cake Pan

There are different types and shapes of cake pans: glass, metal, silicone, or ceramic. All these are safe for use in the oven.

The round cake pans are the most commonly used shape, and they come in different sizes. The 6-inch diameter ones are common for making smaller cakes, especially for a smaller family, or making a tire cake.

6. Appetizer Plate

Due to their small size, appetizer plates cannot be used for serving food. Their size ranges from 4 to 9 inches in diameter.

The 6-inch diameter is commonly used to serve crakes, cheese, or fruits. It is also the perfect plate for light snacks when relaxing or visitors.

7. Desk Globe

Table globes are a nice piece to add to a study table décor or a small library around the house. They seem to add some unique touch to the place.

These objects are hollow inside and are made of plastic or cardboard, sometimes even metal. They have different sizes; you pick according to the intended use.

The 6-inch diameter one is the perfect choice for small spaces. The regular desk globe can measure up to 20 inches in diameter.

8. Purple Sensation Allium Flower

Allium hollandicum.jpg
CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

This beautiful flower has white petals with attractive blue-violet veining.

Its speckled edges attract hummingbirds. This flower can measure between 4 to 6 inches in diameter when it is fully bloomed, and it can grow up to 32 inches tall.

You can add this beauty to your flower collection as it is easy to grow and maintain. Make sure it gets full sunlight.

9. Handmade Singing Bowl

Some communities use this handmade singing bowl for healing, and it is pretty popular in Nepal. Its diameter is around 6.5 inches, and it produces a high-quality singing sound.

Those who use it believe it cleanses negative energy and offer deep relaxation with its beautiful sound.

It is also used for healing experiences and sound immersion therapy. The bowl fits perfectly on the palm.

10. Dog Frisbee

Dogs like playing with round things, and Frisbee is one of them.

Most dogs find it easier catching a Frisbee than catching a round ball. They will enjoy chasing it whenever you throw one.

Frisbees are made of rubber or plastic, and they come in different sizes, including one that is 6 inches in diameter.

Throwing Frisbees for dogs to catch is the best way to play and bond, train, and bond with your dog. It is also the best way to help your dog exercise.

11. 1 Gallon Paint Can

Most paint can come only with the measurement of the content inside. But, have you ever wondered what the diameter of a gallon of paint can be?

The diameter of the paint can is around 6.602 inches and measures 7.5 inches tall.

Paints are usually put in cans that are easy to close to avoid spillage and exposure to air, which can ruin them.

Now that you know most things that measure 6 inches in diameter, are you thrilled to find out more? It is no secret knowing the measurements of certain things around us makes life more exciting and easier to work with them.