11 Things That Are About 53 Feet (ft) Long

53 feet may seem very long and extraordinary, but by the end of this article, you will be able to visualize it. Most items being this big would fall in 50- 53 feet for the best analysis of this length. It translates to 1615.44 centimeters or 16.1544 meters. An average human being is 5 feet, 8, or 9 inches in height.

To get the scope of this length, it would mean about nine men stacked on top of each other would make up 53 feet.

1. Fishing boat

Fishing can be loads of fun if you have the right tools. A fishing boat is a top priority, and there are many different kinds of boats you can choose from. They range from 26 feet to 100 feet in length. However, most of them are just about 53 feet long.

Did you know that the longest fishing vessel in the world was the Atlantic Dawn at 144 meters or 472 feet? It was built for the Irish fishing industry and considered a massive step for the Irish economy.

2. Tape measure

In the past, Engineers used rods to measure distance. They would have different rod sizes and estimate the distance or length of a structure. Tape measures are much more flexible, and they measure distance accurately. Tape measure lengths vary greatly.

There are short ones that measure about 24 feet and those that measure up to 500 feet. However, the most common ones measure between 50 feet and 60 feet.

3. Small intestine

Another befitting example in the human body is the small intestine, otherwise known as the small bowel. Stretched out, it would reach about 17-19 feet long. This means that three grown adults without undergoing any procedure such as resection would attain a measure of almost 51 – 57 feet.

Do you know that the small bowel is about thrice your body length? That is why food takes up to 4 hours traveling through the small intestines.

4. Cargo containers

 At any given time, 20 million shipping containers are out at sea. They will circle the world about 19 times if placed end to end. Cargo containers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and handling of products.

Standard ISO rules state containers should be 8 feet or 2.5 meters in width, 8.5 feet or 2.6 meters in height, and lengths translating to either 20ft or 40ft. 53 feet would mean about three standard containers of 20ft length or one and a half containers of 40ft placed end to end.

5. Planes

Despite the Hamilton H-45 and H-47 being a small airplane with a capacity of only six passengers, a length of 34ft 2in, the wingspan reaches between 53 – 54ft or 16.6 meters. Back in the 1920s, the Hamilton H-45 was used to carry mail and passengers.

Airbus A340 holds the longest wingspan at 209 feet, followed by Boeing 747- 8 at 224 feet long.

6. Articulated buses

Articulated buses are elongated buses that link two or more sections with pivoted joints. The focus is set on increasing carrying capacity while preserving the efficient maneuvering of the bus. These buses measure 53-59 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet high.

The very first articulated bus was the AC Transit in California, and it pioneered the use of articulated buses in America.

7. Ethernet cable

The ethernet cable was named after luminiferous ether, which acts as a medium for transmitting electromagnetic waves. An Ethernet cable with a length of 53 feet is advantageous in the increasing distance for situations that warrant such lengths.

You can find one at 50 feet, but you can request to have one customized to exactly 53 feet if you want.

8. LED strips

Did you know that LED lights don’t attract as many insects as other types of lights? That is because they contain very little UV content. To achieve a modern, stylish look, you can install LED strip lights under cabinets, under shelves, or even under the bed.

You can find LED strips in different sizes and get one up to 50 feet long. However, these strips can be as long as you want them to be 160 feet.

9. Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign has become to Los Angeles what the Eifel Tower is to Paris. When it was built in 1923, it wasn’t a sign representing movie stars, but it was for real estate. The sign has gone through many transitions through the years, but today, it stands at about 50 feet high. Every letter is equivalent to about 45 feet or 13.7 meters. Also, the letters altogether placed on the ground would cover a distance of 405 feet long.

10. Semi-Truck trailer

Semi-truck trailers are quite common in the US, as there are about 5.6 million of them today. These trailers can carry up to 95,000 pounds depending on the size and number of axles. Usually, the trailers measure between 48 and 55 feet. Therefore, it is common to find semi-truck trailers about 53 feet long.

This length is exclusive of the truck’s cab, which would cumulatively make 70 feet in length.

11. Extension cords

The term extension cord has been in use since 1925. Extension cords come in different lengths and thicknesses depending on the use and can measure up to 100 feet long. It is vital to use the right cord for the right purpose because they are made to carry different amounts of electrical current.

If used improperly, they are said to be the leading cause of electrical fires. Therefore, for use at home, you would need an extension code about 50 feet long.

Finally, visualizing 53 feet isn’t too hard. It is also fun to consider the measure of things as you compare the Hollywood sign to small intestines. Who knew you could use a tape measure to tell the distance of an airplane wingspan?