11 Things That Are About 80 Feet (ft) Long

Things that are 80 feet long can be quite difficult to find. Therefore, comparing the length with close things makes it easy to picture.

Of course, it would be easier to use a ruler to measure 80 feet. However, this is impossible, and it is more interesting to refer to other things.

Consider these things that are about 80 feet long.

1. The White House

The White House is a mansion with six floors, 132 rooms, and 35 bathrooms.

Even though the president lives rent-free at the White House, he pays for all the meals and the wages of those working at the mansion.

The white house is also tall. It measures between 70 and 80 feet tall.

2. 15 of Napoleon

Napoleon was a great military leader. Some people would go ahead to say that he was the greatest and most ruthless. However, a softie who wrote a romance novel was underneath that hard, ruthless exterior.

Even though Napoleon was thought to have been a very short man, he was quite average in height.

He was about 1.7 meters tall, which is about 5’7″. If you were to put 15 people of his height on top of each other, you would end up with 80 feet.

3. Four Washington Noses on Mount Rushmore

The American shrine of Democracy is not as big as it appears in photos and videos.

The presidents’ heads are only about 60 feet tall, which is not even a ninth of the Washington Monument.

Washington’s nose measures about 21 feet long, meaning four of them would make 84 feet.

4. 8 Story Building

The Burj Khalifa is unbelievably tall. You can watch the same sunset twice from the ground and the top of the building.

You first watch it from the base of the skyscraper and then take the elevator to the topmost floor and watch it all over again.

An 8-story building doesn’t give such an experience because, unlike the Burj, it is only 80 feet tall. Story buildings vary in height but generally, one story equals 10 feet.

5. ¼ Statue of Liberty

Do you know that Lady Liberty is struck by lightning at least 600 times every year? The Statue of Liberty is exposed to the elements because of its positioning.

The Statue of liberty, including the pedestal and the foundation, measures 305 feet tall. Therefore, a quarter of the height is about 80 feet.

6. 11 of Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler famous for his giant stature. He went away from home at 14 and returned at 19 after getting into professional wrestling.

He had grown so much his parents didn’t recognize him. Andre the Giant stood 7 feet tall and weighed about 520 pounds. Therefore, 11 people of his height would equal about 80 feet.

7. 8 Elephants

Elephants eat all the time. They can spend ¾ of their day eating, and it shows. Elephants can weigh up to 6 tonnes, the weight of four standard cars.

A medium-sized elephant is approximately 3 meters tall. Therefore, eight elephants stacked on top of each other would make 24 meters or 80 feet.

8. A Third of Boeing 747 Wingspan

More than 3.5 Billion passengers have flown in the Boeing 747. It was the first Jumbo jet and is considered one of the most popular commercial jets ever. The Boeing 747 is a wide-body jet whose wingspan measures 224 feet. A third of this would make 80 feet.

9. 4 Giraffes

Giraffes don’t need much sleep at all. They only need about 10 minutes of sleep. Therefore, even though they sleep standing, they don’t sleep much.

Giraffes also have massive tongues measuring up to 45 cm long. An adult giraffe could grow to 6m in height. Therefore, four giraffes stacked would equal 24 meters or 80 feet.

10. 1/5 Pyramid of Giza

The pyramids of Giza were built many years before the reign of King Tut.

The Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world for centuries. It stood at 146.5 meters tall, but it is only 137 meters, having lost some of its height at the top.

Therefore, 80 feet is a fifth of the great pyramid’s height.

11. 1/3 Giant Sequoias Tree

An amazing thing about giant sequoia trees is that they thrive on forest fires. They have one of the thickest barks on earth, which protects them through fires and opens up to release the seed inside.

The Giant sequoias is also quite a large tree growing to about 250 feet tall when mature. A third of a mature giant sequoias tree is about 83 feet.


Finally, there are not so many things that are 80 feet long. However, referring to four giraffes or a quarter the height of the Statue of Liberty gives you the picture. Therefore, when you need to estimate 80 feet, think about the White House or the pyramid of Giza.