12 Things That Are 9 Inches (in) Long

Many people can easily estimate how long a meter, centimeter, or kilometer is, but people seem to be lost when it comes to inches.

Items under 9 inches, in particular, are challenging to figure out, but you can use other similar objects for estimation. 9 inches is roughly 22.86 centimeters which can easily be measured with a ruler.

Some of the things you use around the house have the exact dimensions, and you can easily confirm the lengths yourself.

Take a look at some 9-inch objects that could help you understand more about measurements.

1. Cake knife

Kitchen activities always involve a lot of cutting, chopping, and dicing. That is why there are various types of knives to help you get the job done.

A cake knife is primarily used for slicing pastries or decorating cake. These knives are longer than most and can reach around 9 inches long.

You can find these knives in different shapes and handle designs.

2. A shoe

A shoe size is directly proportional to the wearer’s foot length. The unit is then converted to specific scale figures for easy reading.

In the US, a size 6.5 shoe is 9 inches long.

If you are not sure about your shoe size, take a clean piece of paper and trace your foot on it. Measure the length from the tip to the heel on the paper and record it. This will help a seller decide the best shoe size for you.

3. A lotion bottle

Lotion bottles are commonly made from either glass, plastic, or aluminum. They also come in different sizes; long bottles for longevity and short bottles for convenience.

A 400 ml bottle is around 9 inches long. Depending on the manufacturer’s aesthetics standards, they come in different shapes, either circular, triangular, or oval.

4. Kitchen tongs

Kitchen tongs are mainly used in the kitchen or in a barbecue to lift foodstuff like sausages, meats, or vegetables without directly holding them with your hands.

There are a variety of tongs adapted specific functions. A kitchen tong is about 9 inches long when measured from the tips to the joint. Utility tongs are multipurpose and can be used anywhere.

5. Pasta server

A pasta server is a kitchen utensil made of stainless steel, wood, or silicone and holds spaghetti. Serving spaghetti using ordinary spoons is not easy because they will keep sliding off the edges. The pasta server allows you to remove spaghetti from hot water on the stove or serve it on a plate.

The spoon measures 9 inches from the handle to the scoop. It should be long enough to allow cooking in large pots.

6. A woman’s purse

The term purse is used interchangeably with a handbag. The name handbag was coined in the early 1900s and was primarily for men. Women would later get fond of these bags, and they officially became the woman’s bag.

Purses come in different shapes and sizes, and when measured from side to side, some are only 9 inches long. These are chiefly used to hold smaller credit cards, money, jewelry, and sunglasses.

7. Stick shift extension

Before automatic cars came along, there used to be stick shift cars with gear levers that you had to move in specific directions to engage gears.

These cars are still popular today, especially among racecar drivers. A stick shift extension is a 9-inch lever used to adjust the gear knob, bringing it closer to the driver.

To some, shifter extensions are worth it, and to some, it seems like odd vehicle modifications.

8. Drinking Straw

You always use a straw to consume the liquid contents of a bottle or cup, either soda, juice, or milk. The straw has been an essential utensil for a long time, and manufacturers have them in different colors and sizes.

One straw can measure up to 9 inches long to reach the bottom of a bottle and still pass liquid to your mouth.

Straws were initially made of plastic until recently when biodegradable and reusable straws were introduced due to environmental concerns.

9. Car antenna

A few years back, you would see a lot of cars with antennas pointing out from their hoods or roofs. These were meant to provide uninterrupted wireless signal transmissions to the vehicle. These objects are around 9 inches long and are considered essential automotive accessories.

Today you can hardly see them on cars because receivers have adopted newer technologies.

10. Bracelets

Bracelets are fashion accessories adapted for various purposes over the years. Men used to wear bracelets as a show of power and status.

Bracelets can be golden, silver, stainless steel, copper, or diamond. They can be as long as 9 inches with extra decorations to make them attractive.

Bracelets are still the epitome of luxury for men and women.

11. Water bottle

Water is essential for human survival, and you should take plenty of water to stay healthy. If you are traveling, going to the gym, hiking, or bike riding, you need to carry some water with you.

There are commercial water bottles on sale that you can buy for carrying water around. A 500ml water bottle measures approximately 9 inches long.

These can be plastic or aluminum, so your preferences will determine what you get.

12. A roll of masking paper

Masking paper is used to prevent spilling, splattering, and over-spraying paint on unwanted surfaces. They can also be used for arts and industrial jobs like woodwork.

A roll of masking paper is 9 inches long and can stretch over 10 feet long. They are also available in different lengths to fit the intended purposes.