14 Things That Have An Area Of 200 Square Feet (ft2)

Most people in the construction industry are familiar with surface areas because it guides them when building.

Even though most countries use meters and centimeters to take measurements, the square foot is commonly used everywhere. 200 square feet, when converted to square meters, is 18.5.

Not many people can name things that have 200 square foot area, and by the time you are done reading this, you will be better than them.

1. Outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs work similarly to indoor carpets. They pull your outdoor space together into an inviting and comfortable space. They allow people to personalize their décor in the yards.

Outdoor rugs can be cut into different sizes to cover the floor area. The average market size is around 200 square feet. Some look like tiles, while some look like grass.

2. Fashion runway

A standard fashion runway should be around 4 feet wide, and the length should be 2/3 that of the room.

However, designers may determine the sizes they need depending on the number of models, types of clothes on display, and whether indoors or outdoors.

Therefore, a 200 square foot runway would be 4 feet wide and 50 feet long.

3. 4 carpets

Most carpet manufacturers in the United States make carpets in three sizes for residential purposes. They include 12, 13, and 15 feet.

However, this are not the standard carpet sizes that everyone should stick to. Smaller rooms can use 5 by 4-foot carpets to cover the floor space.

One carpet has an area of 20 feet, meaning if you have four of them, you can cover around 200 square feet of floor space.

4. Hotel room

The average surface area of a traditional hotel room is roughly 330 square feet. However, most hotels tend to balance their room sizes between 300 and 400ft².

On the other hand, micro hotels have rooms smaller or half the standard size. The average square footage of space in a micro-hotel is around 200.

5. VIP Red carpet

The red carpet is always associated with status because it is always reserved for celebrities during an event. They usually gather here for pictures, interviews, and fashion shows before taking their seats.

Red carpets have varying dimensions, the average being around 5 by 40 feet. You can calculate the area to get an area of 200 square feet.

6. Glamping tent

Glamping tents are designed to look distinct from regular tents. The name glamping comes from “glamorous camping,” meaning that these tents are supposed to add glamour to your camping.

They are bigger and with attractive features. The average surface area of a glamping tent is around 200 square feet. These tents are designed to be bigger to accommodate many people.

7. Pergola

Pergolas were invented to add backyard shade to protect people from the harsh sun rays while allowing sunlight in the space. Pergolas are versatile shade options because they should not be fully closed.

Pergolas can be designed to fill any space provided the owner is comfortable. The average size of a pergola that can accommodate an entire family is around 200 square feet.

8. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a common kitchen item that can be used in various ways. It is usually sold in rolls to allow easy usage.

An aluminum foil’s measurements in feet are 1 by 20, which can give a surface area of 200 square feet. .

9. Wrapping paper

Wrapping papers come in standard sizes to allow the wrapping of large-size gifts. Wrapping paper sometimes is bought in a roll, with each measuring 2 feet by 10 feet.

When you calculate the surface area of the entire roll, you will get measurements of 200 square feet. Maybe next time you are shopping for wrapping paper, you will know how much surface area you can cover.

10. Small cabin

Building a cabin in the woods does not have to cost a lot. It takes a few pieces of timber to get a structure ready.

Many people built super-large cabins to accommodate an entire family for a holiday. However, small cabins are also common. There have been instances where people have built 200 square-foot-cabins or less.

11. Boat dock

Boat docks are built to park boats on the water. There are around four different types of docks, but they all serve the same purpose.

They are also built-in in different sizes depending on the number of boats it can hold and whether public or private. People with homes around the lake, river, or ocean like installing smaller boat docks that have a surface area of around 200 square feet.

12. 7 beds

When calculating the size of beddings, a full mattress is 75 by 54 inches, giving a surface area of 4,050 square inches.

When calculated in feet, it becomes 4.5 by 6.25, giving a surface area of about 28.1 feet. To get a 200 square feet surface area, you must bring together seven beds covering a space.

13. A Long Table runner

Table runners should be placed over the table and hang around six inches off the table but not further from the tablecloth. For example, a 60-inch table can have a 72-inch table runner with a 6-inch allowance on either side.

More extended dining tables have over 200 feet and 12 inches wide runners. Calculating the surface area will give you a surface area of 200 square feet.

14. 2 “Big blankets”

If you think about a bigger blanket than a king-size blanket, you should consider the big blanket with a surface area of 100ft². When you combine these to blankets to have one, you will end up with an area of 200 square feet.