14 Things That Have An Area Of 70 Square Meters (m2)

If you want to calculate the size of a surface, you need to use the dimensions to get the area. The surface area should not be confused with the acres or square feet. 1 square meter means the surface measures 1 meter on both sides.

Therefore, 70 square meters means that you need 70 1m²-blocks to fit in the space. Even though calculating 70m² is not simple, you can use this list to help you estimate sizes practically.

Some may only give estimations, but they are worth a shot.

1. 4 car garage

When designing a garage, you must ensure enough space to park the car and move around when boarding/alighting and when loading goods.

A standard garage should be around 6m by 3.6m. 70 square meters is enough space to fit around four cars. Maybe this could help in your next design project.

2. Small fishing boat

Most boats used for commercial fishing are built small, usually under 30 meters long but can extend up to 100 meters. Most fishing boats have a length of around 15 meters and a width of 5-8 meters.

Such a boat will have an area of approximately 70 square meters. 70m² is enough to fit fishers and other equipment needed for the trade.

3. 2 badminton courts

A badminton court spans around 13.4 meters long and 6.1 meters wide. These are dimensions for double courts because single courts are only 5.18 meters wide.

One single court badminton area is 69.412m² which is closer to 70 square meters.

4. Space for 6 people

When building an office or business space, you need to consider the sitting space for workers and guests. The sitting space should also be enough to hold chairs desks and for people to move around and communicate with each other.

A space for six people can have an area of 70m², with each person needing around 8-9 square meters.

5. 1 bedroom house

If you think that 70 square meters is too small, think again. Today, most modern houses provide room from 20 square meters, which is sizeable enough for an individual.

A 1 bedroom house can therefore have an area of 70 meters. Small houses have floor areas of around 100 to 200 square meters.

6. 5 parking spaces

The boundaries between the driving area and parking spaces are not usually well-defined, so it is difficult to establish the dimensions.

However, most parking spaces are around 5.5 meters long and 3 meters wide. One spot should give an area of around 12 to 15 square meters.

This implies that if you calculate the area of five parking spaces in a lot, you will get 70m².

7. Cinema screen

Cinema screens have to be gigantic to project images that can be viewed over long distances. A standard cinema screen can be 10m by 7m, giving an area of 70m², which can fit most theaters.

IMAX theaters have some of the biggest screens in theater history. A standard IMAX screen is 16 meters high and 22 meters wide. This gives an area of 352 square meters, but some can go over 30 meters high.

8. 1500 iPads

The 3rd generation Apple iPad has a height of 24.1 cm and a width of 18.6 centimeters. You can convert the dimensions to meters, giving an area of 0.0448 meters (0.241m x 0.186m).

To calculate 70m², you will have to place around 1500 iPads side by side on a field or warehouse.

9. 150,000 quarters

The United States quarter-dollar coin has been circulating since 1932. The coin has a diameter of 24.66 mm (0.02426m), which gives an area of 0.0004622 square meters.

Therefore, to calculate 70 square meters, you will have to collect 150,000 quarters and spread them on the floor.

10. HDPE Geocell

HDPE geocell systems are lightweight cellular structures made from high-density polyethylene and create erosion barriers or set structural foundations.

The area of a standard geocell is around 70 square meters. They are sold in much smaller sizes to allow easy installation on slopes to reduce erosion and stabilize surfaces.

11. Polyethylene Sheet

Polyethylene sheets are used for construction as vapor retarders, floor and countertop protection, roofing, and window films. They can also be used to cover construction materials, seal off rooms, etc.

Polyethylene sheets are sold in rolls and can be cut to fit any size specifications. Therefore, you can find stores selling 70 square meters.

These can further be cut into specific sizes depending on the project at hand.

12. Hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is used for poultry netting, protecting and wrapping pipelines, decorating fences, and more.

They are strong and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which explains why they are common. These meshes are sold in rolls, which can be sized for different structures.

The standard wire mesh roll can have an area of 70 square meters.

13. Badminton court

There are two types of badminton courts—single courts and double courts. Both courts have the same lengths but different widths. The double court has a 6.1m width, and the single court has a 5.1m width.

If you calculate the area for the single court, you get 69.41 square meters which is a few centimeters shy of a full 70 square meters area.

14. 24 Plywood sheets

A typical sheet of plywood measures 8 by 4 feet (2.4m by 1.2m), giving an area of 2.88m². This is enough to cover around 32 square feet.

To calculate 70 square meters from plywood sheets, you will have to buy around 24 sheets. Most plywood sheets come in standard sizes but with different thicknesses.