15 Things That Have An Area Of 100 Square Meters (m2)

To determine the surface area of any space, you need to multiply the length by the width. The results should be expressed in square meters.

Most of the things you see around have surface areas that you can easily calculate. However, this does not take a direct approach like recording dimensions. There is a little math involved.

Here are 15 things with a surface area of 100 square meters.

1. Small house

For a house to qualify as a “small house,” the floor area lies between 100 and 200 square meters. 100 square meters is enough for a two- or three-bedroom house considering the additional rooms.

However, this should not be a standard parameter for designing houses and should be considered an estimate.

2. Big Garage

The standard dimensions for a single garage is approximately 6 meters long and 3.6 meters wide. The door size is around 2.6 meters.

The space should allow the vehicle to park and the driver or passengers to move around comfortably. A five-car garage would therefore have an area of 100 square meters.

3. Swimming pool

Swimming pools can be shaped into any design and size, provided they serve their purpose. Most residential areas with enough space can fit a 100 square feet swimming pool.

The pool can be 10m by 10m, giving an area of 100m². An Olympic-sized swimming pool is usually 50 by 24 meters which is pretty enormous.

4. Parking spot

Malls, apartments, and commercial spaces provide parking spaces for vehicles belonging to customers or residents. There is no legal standard size for parking, even though it was 4.8m by 2.4m.

A passenger car or SUV needs around 32 square meters of parking space. This means that 100 square meters are enough to hold around three cars.

5. Tarpaulin

A tarpaulin can be described as an extensive sheet of flexible waterproof material such as canvas or polyester used in farms tents to protect against sunlight.

Tarpaulins come in different sizes, meaning you can get anything that works for you. The area of a large tarpaulin is around 100 square meters, which is enough to cover an extensive area.

6. 5 billboards

Eye-catching billboards are good for capturing leads for a business. This explains why you see humongous billboards on the road or top of buildings.

A sizeable billboard can have an area of 20 square meters, meaning you will need five billboards joined end-to-end to get 100m². With such a gigantic billboard, the business can greatly benefit.

7. Horse barn

A horse barn can be used to keep other animals if you do not have a horse. Horse bans need to be big enough to provide sufficient space for every horse to feet and gallop around.

A small-sized barn can have an area of around 100m². Each horse can be allocated a 10ft by 10 ft. stable.

8. 4 bowling alley

The length of a bowling alley is around 19.16 meters, and the width is around 1.52 meters. The area of one bowling alley will therefore be 29.72 square meters.

If you calculate the area of four bowling alleys aligned together, you will get a total of 119 square meters, which is slightly higher than 100 square meters but still fits the equation.

9. A boat

The rule of the square meter yacht was introduced by the Swedish Sailing Association in 1908 before revision in 1925. These applied to racing yachts before they went all over the boats.

A typical racing yacht has an area of 100m² to provide enough room for basic living accommodation because they are sailed over long distances.

10. A vegetable garden

People who have enough space in their backyards or farmlands can set aside a portion of it for vegetable gardening. A garden should not be too extensive because it would automatically be a farm.

Some vegetable gardens have an area of 100 square meters, and that is enough space for tending and caring for plants.

11. Fish pond

Fish keepers mostly measure the fishpond spaces in square feet or square meters to calculate how much food and fish they need per square meter. Commercial fish ponds tend to be large to accommodate more fish for a robust harvest.

Their areas can be around 100m² which is enough for hundreds of fish.

12. 4 trailers

Flatbed trailers are approximately 13.62 meters long and 2.48 meters wide. The area of one flatbed trailer is about 33 square meters.

This implies that if you want to calculate 100 square meters from flatbed trailers, you need three of them for accurate measurements.

13. 2 turf pitches

A turf pitch is part of the field with synthetic grass designed to look like natural grass. They are common in hockey pitches where players make wickets.

A turf pitch is 20.12 meters long when measured from both stumps and the additional space for the bowler. The width is 3.05 meters which gives an area of 61m²; hence you need two turf pitches to get an area of 100m².

14. A cold room

Cold rooms can be built to different specifications to meet business demands. In industries that need plenty of goods refrigerated, storage rooms can have up to 1000 square meters of space.

100m² is standard for a cold room, especially when plenty of goods are involved. These rooms can hold around 50 to 100 tons of load.

15. Half a tennis court

A tennis court for single matches is 23.77 meters long and 8.23 meters wide, while double courts can measure 10.97 meters wide.

This brings the total area of a single-match tennis court to around 200 square meters. If you measure half the pitch area, you will get approximately 100 square meters.

Originally posted on February 16, 2022 @ 10:49 am