9 Things That Are About 2 Meters (m) Long

Can you tell the measurement of an object by just looking at it? It may seem impossible, right? But, by knowing the things that measure 2 meters, you can use this knowledge to estimate the heights of other different things. Thus, it becomes easy for you to apply this knowledge to your everyday life. Ideally, … Read more

16 Things That Are About 5 Meters (m) Long

Ever wondered what type of things are five meters long? Five meters is equivalent to 16 feet. In case that still has you guessing, here is a list of twelve things we’ve compiled that are 5 meters. 1. Giraffe The average giraffe stands about six meters tall. That’s just one meter taller than five meters. … Read more

6 Things That Are About 18 Meters (m) Long

In the hierarchy of measurement of things meters as a measurement unit is higher in ranks than most other measurement units. It is used to measure things that are quite lengthy and usually out of the grasp of the ordinary human hand. Having established the foregoing, the audience should know by now that this won’t … Read more

13 Things That Are About 1 Foot (ft) Long

One foot equals 12 inches which are also exactly 30 centimeters. Even though a foot is not a common unit of measurement in other parts of the world, it is one of the U.S customary units. There are lots of things in everyday life that are 1 foot long. It can be fun to know … Read more

7 Things That Are About 300 Meters (m) Long

Many items make up the earth as a whole and their taxonomies are different. This cuts across many elements like weight, height, length, density, and so on. Every now and then, people develop an interest in the length of a particular item. However, it is difficult to tell at a glance how long an item … Read more

7 Things That Are About 24 Meters (m) Long

Because it’s hard to know the length of everything, learning about several length categories will give you an idea of how long something is.  In this post, we’ll look at a list of things that are 24 meters long, as well as some amusing facts about them. 1. An average 8 story building Any level … Read more

7 Things That Are About 25 Meters (m) long

In a world filled with an endless list of products, it is critical to know the length of things around you, as many people do not have metric scales within reach of their homes or around them. This is mostly because it will be extremely useful for metric comparisons and determining the length of a … Read more

6 Things that Are About 37 Meters (m) Long

Lots of items have a distinct and unthinkable length. At a glance, it’s almost impossible to tell how long a particular thing is. However, having a list of a couple of things that have that length might help make precise or almost precise guesses about the length of a particular thing.  Looking for things that … Read more

8 Things That Are About 150 Meters (m) Long

The length of things is always difficult to measure without standard apparatus. This is why most people cannot accurately tell the length of things they see around them daily. In this article, we will be sharing an extensive list of things that are as long as 150 meters which is approximately 0.15 kilometers when converted.  … Read more

7 Things That Are About 400 Meters (m) Long

In the measurement of items using the meter metric unit, many tend to get confused especially once larger numbers start getting in the way. 400 meters is the equivalent of 1312.34 ft, 0.4 kilometers, 40000 centimeters. Have you been in search of items that are this long? Reading this piece should give you an idea … Read more