The 20 Tallest Rappers of All Time

The hip-hop industry is diverse and does not limit anyone from exploring their talents and growing their careers. You can meet many people in this industry, from the tallest, shortest, biggest, smallest, and prettiest. It may be a surprise that you can find people taller than NBA stars in the hip-hop industry. Some of these … Read more

The 19 Tallest World Leaders

Research shows that people prefer politicians who are taller because they believe they have more gravitas and authority. However, there is a wide range of heights among the world’s leaders, from those who tower above 6 feet to those who are closer to 5 feet tall. When calculating the height of a world leader, it … Read more

The 19 Tallest Weightlifters Ever

Like boxing, powerlifting is categorized into classes, but height still plays a crucial role. Athletes within a specific weight class are placed within the same height range and body characteristics. Lifting involves moving weight up and down, making it harder for tall athletes to lift higher. This explains why shorter weightlifters have an advantage over … Read more

The 8 Tallest Windmills In The World

We have all at one time or another, witnessed the massive building that resembles a giant fan with enormous blades. Just in case you’re curious, that’s a windmill. And in this essay, we will tell you all about it, and bring you up to speed on the tallest windmills in the world right now. One … Read more

The 8 Tallest Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Up until the 19th century, Cakes were known as “Bride Pies”. It was said that the bride places a ring in the pie and whoever finds it is the next person to be married. Almost similar to the catching of the bouquet that we have in recent times.  However, as time went on, Cakes replaced … Read more

The 10 Tallest Waves Ever Recorded

Mild waves are a common sight at the beach and in the ocean, and the surfers that tackle them are truly remarkable to watch. But have you ever imagined what it would be like to ride a wave that was nearly as tall as the world’s tallest building? Let’s not get ahead of yourself, this … Read more

List Of The Tallest Wrestlers In History

Since it first aired in 1980, WWE has consistently attracted a large and devoted audience. Many viewers, young and old, become so engrossed that they attempt to mimic their favorite characters in any manner they can.  A lot of big names in wrestling have come and gone from the show, and it’s had a lot … Read more

List Of The Tallest To The Shortest Elephant Species

Elephants are the largest land animals currently in existence. Every elephant has the same distinguishing physical traits: a long trunk, tusks, enormous ear flaps, massive legs, and thick but sensitive skin. The trunk serves as a conduit for air and liquids, as well as a point of contact for picking up and holding objects. Tusks, … Read more

List Of The 18 Shortest UFC Fighters Ever

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was formed by businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie in 1993 at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado. The early Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments were held to determine the most effective martial art in a competition with few rules and no weight divisions involving contestants from … Read more

List of the 21 Shortest Runway Models in History

Models are known for being tall, and you might watch a whole fashion TV show without spotting anyone shorter than 5-foot-8. Designers prefer taller women with a thin frame to focus on the clothes instead of the model’s physical appearance. In addition, taller models give a more powerful figure on the runway than most regular … Read more